Digital Monitors and Kiosks

Students walking in front of the Belo building with blue and orange color overlay

Digital Monitors and Kiosks

Digital Signage in Moody College is a prime opportunity to promote events and resources. They are primarily viewed by passersby; like billboards, copy should be 10 words or less with a clear call to action.

There are two types of Digital Signage: the horizontal monitors across all our buildings as well as the free-standing vertical kiosks.

  • Monitors are used for promoting Moody College events or programs, and sharing resources and opportunities appropriate for the Moody College community. 
  • The vertical kiosks are used for promoting Moody College events within Moody College buildings or events either hosted by or featuring Moody College members in other venues.

Promotional Guidelines

Digital monitors and kiosks are updated on an ongoing basis.

  • Event promotion slides will run for two weeks prior to an event on the digital monitors and one week prior to the event on the kiosks.
  • Kiosk artwork or requests for kiosk slides should be delivered to the MarCom team no later than three weeks before the event
  • Artwork can be made using templates provided by the MarCom team

When the artwork is finalized, send MarCom the uncompressed jpeg file. Files must be under 2MB in size.

Design Specifications

Horizontal Monitors

On the horizontal monitors, we promote events, announcements, and general messaging relevant to the Moody College community.

  • Size: 1920 x 1080
  • Billboard Style: 10 words or less
  • Limit use of QR codes as they can be difficult to scan
  • Moody College or UT branding 

Vertical Kiosks

On the kiosks, we promote Moody College events exclusively. The kiosks are placed around the Moody College buildings and are stationary. 

  • Size: 2160 x 3840
  • Billboard Style: 10 words or less
  • Moody College Branding
  • Content related to events
An example of a digital display, which is horizontal, and a kiosk display, which is vertical.