Communication and Leadership: Communication and Leadership Degree



Communication and Leadership--A Dean's Perspective: Jay M. Bernhardt

Faculty and Director's Perspective: Meme Drumwright​

All aspects of society need ethical, effective leaders, and all leaders need to be ethical, effective communicators.  The Moody College of Communication’s Bachelor of Science degree in Communication and Leadership is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to educate and inspire future leaders to lead positive change in our complicated world.

The Communication and Leadership degree combines four fundamental courses on leadership that incorporate both academic and experiential learning with courses engaging communication skills and exploring interdisciplinary approaches to social issues.

The interdisciplinary curriculum will provide students with

  1. Knowledge of frameworks, concepts, and theories related to leadership, communication, and ethics and experience applying them in real-world contexts
  2. Awareness of their own predispositions and strengths as leaders and an understanding of how to play to their strengths
  3. Communication skills and expertise
  4. An interdisciplinary understanding of social challenges and innovative communication strategies
  5. Experience promoting social change

Our educational program emphasizes core educational approaches and experiences that situate leadership practices in organizational and social contexts.  Students can use their required courses in communication foundations/skills and social issues along with their free electives to gain knowledge regarding one or more of three contexts: 1) nonprofits and philanthropy, 2) public service, or 3) business.

Leadership is a core value of the University of Texas at Austin, and developing leaders for Texas and beyond is central to accomplishing the University’s mission. To be a leader requires the ability to bridge narrow academic disciplines with a capacity to envision strategies that are informed through interdisciplinary approaches, communication skills, and ethical practices.


Communication and Leadership--A Faculty Perspective: Howard T. Prince II

Communication and Leadership--A Student Perspective