Advisory Council

Moody College Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of the Moody College of Communication was organized in 1969. Members of the Council have included former students and graduates of the Moody College as well as other members who have a shared interest in excellence in communication education. The success of the Moody College of Communication depends in large measure on the continuing support of these professionals.

Advisory Council

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Advisory Council is to be responsive to the needs of the Moody College of Communication by providing advice and counsel at the request of the Moody College in matters relating to the preparation of students to enter the communication field and profession, and by helping generate the human and material resources necessary for the attainment of the goals and objectives of the Moody College.

To achieve its mission, the Council has established strategic goals to assist and support the Moody College in its efforts to:

  • Attract and retain outstanding teachers and scholars
  • Attract and retain creative, ambitious students
  • Establish a worldwide research identity
  • Enlarge the program of education for professionals
  • Increase the attendance and participation by faculty and staff in meetings and activities of professional communications organizations
  • Generate additional private funding on a planned schedule
  • Assist graduates to obtain employment
  • Communicate and publicize the achievement and activities of its faculty and students