Event Promotion

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Event Promotion

Moody College hosts a number of events each year from big-name, nationally recognized speakers and conferences to hosting top faculty for lectures.

In some instances, the audience for the event will be small or invite-only, in others, you will want to promote the event to encourage attendance by a broad audience.

If you are hoping to attract a large audience, it is CRITICAL that you plan for that from the beginning of your event planning. Please contact Moody MarCom if you would like help planning your promotion.

As you work to promote your event, these guidelines and tips will help you get your event in front of the right audience in order to meet your participation and attendance goals.

Tips for making your event stand out:

  1. Keep your event title short, descriptive, and to the point.
  2. Provide a contact person who may be reached at all times.
  3. Use the description to communicate your event's appeal to a wide audience.
  4. Be sure to indicate whether your event is free and/or open to the public.

Channels to promote your event

  1. Add your event to the Moody College calendar. (use template for thumbnail if needed)
  2. Determine if there is a class or classes being taught at Moody College that align with the topic about which your guest will be speaking. Ask the faculty member of that course to offer extra credit for attendance or at least promote your event to their class.
  3. If the event is open to the broader university community, add it to the Texas Today calendar.
  4. Utilize social media to reach more people
    • Create a Facebook event and share on your social media channels.
    • Tag other organizations whose audiences may be interested in the event so they can share your post with their audience.
  5. Send an email to your organization’s curated list of interested recipients. If you don’t have a list, consider creating one.
  6. Post promotional slides on the Moody College Digital Monitors and Kiosks. Digital Signage is primarily viewed by passersby; like billboards, copy should be ten words or less with a clear call to action.
    • There are two types of Digital Signage: the horizontal monitors across all our buildings as well as the free-standing vertical kiosks.
      • Monitors can be used for promoting Moody events, programs, classes, and other student resources.
      • The vertical kiosks are for Moody events within Moody College buildings and serve as informational wayfinding. 
  7. Posters may be put up around campus on bulletin boards or physical kiosks. Posters, flyers or easels may not be placed in or around the G. B. Dealey Center for New Media.
    • Temporary way finding signs to help direct people to a room are allowable. They may not be on easels; use appropriate signs such as a pedestal poster stand.
  8. Share your promotional slide with other interested parties and invite them to share with their contacts ONLY if you know those contacts are the right audience for your event. 
    • Unless it is highly relevant, asking department and school administrators or faculty to send your event information to their entire faculty or student lists will be seen as spam and should be avoided.
    • Moody College email lists are reserved for important, college-sanctioned messages. College-wide emails to promote events will be limited to major events with a broad audience.

News Media

The news media is unlikely to promote your event, but may be interested in covering an event as it happens if it has wide appeal or an opportunity for an interview with high-profile presenters.

To make covering your event appealing to a reporter, it helps to:

  • Invite the reporter and offer exclusive access for interviews with high-profile presenters
  • Frame the activities or topics of the event in a manner that relates to current topics in the news
  • Work with presenters to identify new information that will be presented at the event (it helps if the information has high public interest or even controversy)
  • Let reporters know about interesting guests or attendees

Have an event to promote?

The Marketing and Communications team can help you promote your event.

Need Tech Support?

The Tech Services team can help. Contact the Productions Team for help with event support, recording, and webstreaming or access to the large meeting (500 seat) Zoom Webinar license.

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