Minors offered by the Moody College

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A minor is a great way to explore a subject you are interested in, boost your expertise and increase your academic resume. A minor shows potential employers that you are willing to put in extra effort to learn as much as you can.

Earning a minor from the Moody College of Communication is a perfect addition to a major from any of UT Austin’s colleges and schools. Communication skills are among the most sought after by employers in all fields.

Enhance your knowledge and skills in storytelling, writing, social media, visual arts, photography, interpersonal or global communication and more. Or focus your learning in a specific field of communication such as health or science communication.

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Current Students Note:

Students in Moody College may declare only one minor or certificate offered by Moody or another college or school at UT Austin. You must apply for your minor before you have completed 65% of your degree requirements. You can check your degree progress with IDA. Check out the full listing of minors here.