Marketing and Communications

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Marketing and Communications

The  Marketing and Communications team strives to build the brand of the Moody College of Communication across channels through creative, engaging and impactful storytelling and marketing and communication efforts that showcase the impact of our work and our people. We help promote and publicize programs, accomplishments and awards from our departments, schools, centers, institutes and programs. We steward our visual brand identity, assist with college events and publications, and provide expertise related to branding, marketing, communication, social media, event promotion, design and websites.

Resources and Guidelines

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Event Promotion

We can help promote your event on Moody College channels. Plan in advance and submit to the calendar and monitors 2-3 weeks in advance. Make sure to add to event calendars.

Digital monitor templates
Monitor and kiosk guidelines
Moody College Events Calendar
Request Tech Services support
UT's Texas Today Calendar

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Social Media

Social media is a key way we build our brand and interact with our audiences. New accounts must be approved by the MarCom team and follow guidelines.

Moody social media guide
Request support for your social media efforts
UT social media guide

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Templates and Tools

We have created templates and tool that Moody College entities and people can use for help with copywriting, design and  consistent branding.

Editorial guidelines
Email signature formatting
Order business cards
PowerPoint templates
Research poster template

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Photo and Video Assets

The MarCom team keeps an updated library of photo and videos assets for use on your website, social media or marketing efforts. We can also take faculty and staff headshots.

Hire Bevo Video Productions
Request a headshot for Moody faculty or staff
Request photos or video assets
See the Moody events Flickr album
Talent release form

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Visual Identity and Trademarks

Moody College of Communication uses the University visual identity and brand architecture system. All branding elements must align with UT and Moody College standards.

Brand logos, fonts and colors
Moody College Brand Standards
Request Moody College logos
Submit merchandise for trademarks approval

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Web Support

Our websites must provide a strong user experience, be attractive, relevant, current and accurate. All affiliated sites must include Moody College branding.

Creating and editing components 
External site branding
Image size recommendations
Request editing access
Moody College icon library