Current Students

Announcement from Student Advising
The Student Advising Office is currently only operating remotely. We are holding all academic advising appointments over Zoom. Log on to STAR to make an appointment; Zoom instructions will be included in your confirmation and reminder emails.

Moody College COVID-19 Resource Page

In addition to Moody College's COVID-19 Resource page, please refer to the university's centralized COVID-19 guidance and regularly updated FAQs and Resources related to COVID-19, academic changes and our ongoing commitment to each other’s health and safety.

Updates to Student Advising

How do I schedule an advising appointment? Please continue to schedule advising appointments online using STAR.

How do I meet with my advisor? Advising appointments will now be hosted online, through Zoom, a video conferencing tool. Once an appointment is scheduled online, the confirmation email will also include a link to instructions about how to join a Zoom meeting. Zoom can be accessed from mobile devices, desktop computers or web interfaces.

How can I waive my FERPA confidentiality restrictions? If another person is present or in the same room while you meet with your advisor, or if you want to allow your advisor to discuss your academic information with another individual or entity, please submit this FERPA waiver form.

How do I submit petitions or requests, or conduct other business that I would normally handle in person at the Student Advising front desk? Please submit this General Request form and provide as much detailed information as possible. This form is not to be used to request a Q-Drop, withdrawal, or to change a class to or from pass/fail; these requests must discussed with your academic advisor first.

What about internal transfer to Moody College? How will that be handled? The application to transfer to Moody College was available during the month of February. We plan to release decisions in June, after the May 29 deadline for Q-drops and pass/fail changes. If you applied to internally transfer to the Moody College in February, and you choose to change one or more of your current semester courses to pass/fail, it will not negatively impact your chances of transfer admission. All internal transfer decisions will be made holistically. The next application period will be in September.