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KUT & KUTX Public Radio


Each day, KUT 90.5, Austin's NPR station, and its sister station KUTX 98.9, the Austin Music Experience, strive to provide content that reflects the diverse interests and tastes of our Austin audience. The creative freedom and inspiration we enjoy comes from our community. What makes Austin so unique and vibrant is the willingness of our citizens to explore new and exciting possibilities.  So, we’ve made it our mission to deliver comprehensive and unique insights in our programming that can only come through collaboration with smart, dedicated and talented people who reflect what Austin is all about.

KUT and KUTX reflect every side of this creative community, from the weird to the refined. We’re committed to delivering in-depth news coverage through a local lens. And we’re devoted to diverse, intelligent explorations in local music, lifestyle and culture.

We encourage you to get involved with the stations and explore and, where you’ll find unique takes on dozens of topics by some of Austin’s most colorful personalities. Let us know what you like, what you love and where you think we’ve missed the mark. Because there’s no one point of view that represents Austin – it’s the contributions of many that make what you see and hear special. So by all means, join the conversation.

KUT Mission
KUT and KUTX create experiences that deepen understanding and connect people. We are committed to authenticity, craft, context and the unique power of the human voice in all its forms.

KUT Vision
KUT and KUTX are leading sources for knowledge and ideas that enrich and sustain greater Austin’s unique sense of place, cultural identity and position as a center of leadership. KUT will inform, inspire and engage while becoming the most trusted source for news, information and the Austin, Texas, music experience.


Austin’s innovative, authentic and passionate nature influences every aspect of our approach to music coverage. Our programming includes music that matters to our audience — music that is hand-picked for its substance, integrity and perspective. We try to see music the way that you do — as a soundtrack to your day, a window to other perspectives, an amplifier of mood, and a reflection of culture. KUTX 98.9 FM features more local music than any station in Austin, as well as diverse selections from around the globe. The result is programming that reflects Austin’s creative spirit and diverse tastes.KUTX plays more than 30,000 different songs and hosts nearly 300 live music performances every year. Why? Because, music matters to us. From KUTX Live events and Studio 1A performances, to Texas Music Matters and coverage of music’s most influential forums and festivals, we are driven by a desire to bring you unparalleled coverage and access to the world of music.