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The Moody College Center for Advancing Teaching Excellence (CATE) shines a spotlight on outstanding teaching and encourages effective teaching practices. Learn more about our initiatives, services we provide, and news and events in the exciting world of Moody teaching and learning. 


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Moody Shout Outs

We have just closed the fall 2021 submissions and we will be sending the out just in time for Thanksgiving!


Undergraduate Learning Assistant (ULA) Program

The ULA program partners faculty with a student who has completed their class to assist with instructional duties, office hours, research for class, tech support, and more. They also provide near-peer mentoring to help other students, currently taking the class, to be successful. Applications for spring 2022 are now closed.

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Inclusive Teaching & Learning

Inclusive teaching benefits all students and can be incorporated into any and all new and existing courses. This site provides small things that you can do to make your classrooms and your teaching more inclusive. 

On this site

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News & Events

Faculty and graduate student spotlights, upcoming events, articles on teaching and learning, and more.

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Current and upcoming initiatives in teaching and learning in Moody.

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Teaching & Technology

Resources for designing and teaching courses, using technology, and best practices in teaching and learning.

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About Us

Information on the center including services and staff.

What are people saying about CATE?

During Fall 2020, CATE staff have been a wonderful resource to me. They have responded to my inquiries and requests for help after hours during evenings and weekends. They have had immense patience and a willingness to help that is remarkable.  They never fail to convey to me that they are keenly interested in the issues and problems that I bring to them, and they are indefatigable in searching for solutions.
 - Minette (Meme) Drumwright, Associate Professor, Advertising & Public Relations

It was great to have Moody resources when we were scrambling just to keep our heads above water. But now it’s imperative to be proactive about pedagogy and engage in the best practices – CATE directly leads us in this mission. CATE makes Moody the home of better educators.
     - Kathleen McElroy, Professor and Director, Journalism and Media

As a professor who likes to try new things, it's reassuring to know CATE always has my back. I couldn't do what I do without them. The Center for Advanced Teaching Excellence is a one stop shop for a professor who wants to shine. At the end of the day, teaching is about engaging your students, and that is where CATE makes a difference for all of us.
     - Joe Cutbirth, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Communication Studies

CATE looks so amazing and I'm so grateful that you, your team, and the college are devoting such care and attention to pedagogy, not just right now with online teaching but in general.
     - Lesley Willard, Lecturer, Radio-Television-Film