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The Moody College Center for Advancing Teaching Excellence (CATE) shines a spotlight on outstanding teaching and encourages effective teaching practices. Learn more about our initiatives, the services we provide, and news and events in the exciting world of Moody teaching and learning. 




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Spotlight on Moody Writing Support Program

Diana Dawson created the Moody Writing Support Program (MWSP) to serve the unique writing needs of emerging professionals in the increasingly diverse field of communication. As an added layer of support for Moody College courses, the MWSP team provides a welcoming environment for all students to access one-on-one coaching for assignments involving literacy knowledge and skills with a communication professional twist. The writing coaches understand the unique language of communication professionals and provide feedback specific to authentic work in the industry. Check out what the MWSP team has to say about the work they do and reach out to see how you can collaborate to leverage this valuable resource for your students. 

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing the relief on a students’ faces as they leave our writing program cubicle. If we can help remove obstacles to student success in writing assignments and help them lay the foundation for their dream career, we’ve succeeded.”

Diana Dawson, Director

"Our program provides an extra layer of specialized writing support to support their skills as emerging communication professionals. It’s almost like learning a different language.”

Emily Quigley, Associate Director

"In my position as a writing coach for four semesters, I have been exposed to a broader range of classes and assignments. I have also experienced that learning becomes 'for real' when I walk someone else through it."

Nickoli Benker, Undergrad Writing Coach

What are people saying about CATE?

CATE staff have been a wonderful resource to me...They have had immense patience and a willingness to help which is remarkable. They never fail to convey to me that they are keenly interested in the issues and problems that I bring to them, and they are indefatigable in searching for solutions.
      - Meme Drumwright, Advertising & Public Relations

It was great to have Moody resources when we were scrambling just to keep our heads above water. But now it’s imperative to be proactive about pedagogy and engage in the best practices – CATE directly leads us in this mission. CATE makes Moody the home of better educators.
   - Kathleen McElroy, Journalism and Media

As a professor who likes to try new things, it's reassuring to know CATE always has my back. I couldn't do what I do without them. [CATE] is a one-stop shop for a professor who wants to shine. At the end of the day, teaching is about engaging your students, and that is where CATE makes a difference for all of us.
     - Joe Cutbirth, Communication Studies

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