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Center for Health Communication

Center for Health Communication

CHC Affiliate Blog: #OUTforHealth

By Laura Brown

Along with evidence-based health communication scholarship and education, community involvement and public health practice are key pieces of the mission of the Center for Health Communication. Last week, CHC postdoctoral scholar Laura Brown attended the first meeting of the working group meant to help inform the City of Austin LGBTQ Quality of Life Advisory Commission on strategic priorities for 2018 where attendees brought a variety of experiences, identities, and ideas to the table.

Lindsay Murphy

CHC Welcomes Center Administrator: Lindsay Murphy

We are excited to announce that Lindsay Murphy has accepted the Center Administrator position with the CHC, effective February 26.

HCLI 2017

CHC Affiliate Blog: Health Communication and Leadership

By Mike Mackert

As the Center for Health Communication team is hard at work on the program for our Health Communication Leadership Institute (HCLI), Dr. Mackert has been thinking a lot about leadership lately. From streamlining agendas to more mutually satisfying negotiations, he is knee-deep in thought-provoking lessons on leadership.

CHC Affiliate Blog: Getting Organized for 2018

By Mike Mackert

As we look ahead to 2018, I’ve been thinking a lot about where the Center for Health Communication (CHC) is going, how we can best organize our team to get great work done, and how that organization can also keep the work fun and invigorating.

photo of light bulb

CHC Affiliate Blog: Center for Health Communication Think Tank: Solving Practical Problems

By Mike Mackert

The Center for Health Communication (CHC) has spent this fall looking for ways to support the mission and operations of Dell Medical School. One initiative I am particularly excited about is the CHC Think Tank.

CHC Affiliate Blog: Fast and Fruitful: A Fall Recap From the Center for Health Communication 

By Mike Mackert

This fall marked the first full academic semester of the Center for Health Communication (CHC) as a joint academic center between the Moody College of Communication and Dell Medical School. Reflecting on what has happened since the summer, when we began to plan for this extremely busy fall, we’ve seen…