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Center for Health Communication: 2018-19 as Evolution

By Mike Mackert

As long as the Center for Health Communication (CHC) has existed, we’ve felt like every year has been a process of calculated but substantial experimentation. Last year we tripled our staff team, launched a variety of new projects, and it was a hectic and busy – but fun! – year.

CHER grant proposal presentation

Documenting Year 1 of the CHER Grant Program

By Jessica Hughes Wagner

We were inspired as new collaborations formed and interdisciplinary research projects took shape during our first year of the CHER grant program. These student-written articles document our impressive batch of inaugural grantees.

clinical trial

CHER Awardee Tests the Role of Communication in Minority Women’s Enrollment in Clinical Trials

By Stephanie Zeller

Clinical trials sound uncertain and maybe even dangerous, but in reality, they could be instrumental in saving the lives of many who would not ordinarily be able to afford such treatments. But how do we most effectively describe the relative risks and benefits of clinical trials to understandably uncertain patients?

doctor and baby

Lead Poisoning Prevention in Texas Communities Through the CHER Program

By Stephanie Zeller

Though many of us may consider lead poisoning a problem of the ‘50’s, according to recent studies, it remains an important public health issue. Lead poisoning is particularly harmful to developing brains and is exceptionally potent in children under the age of six.

CHER program

CHER: Supporting Research that Explores How Communication Impacts Health, Empathy, & Resilience

By Stephanie Zeller

The business of medicine is fast-paced and grueling. We’ve all been there, waiting in a doctor’s office for nearly an hour, all for a ten-minute appointment. The doctor comes in and gives a quick analysis, followed by a rushed monologue about treatment options or whatever it may be. A shaking of hands, a signing of papers, and soon you’re walking out with a feeling similar to leaving a theater after a particularly intense Marvel film.

Mental Health and Health Communication

CHC Affiliate Blog: Mental Health & Health Communication: What Could a 2-Year Theme Achieve?

By Mike Mackert

Since the Center for Health Communication (CHC) announced its 2-year theme on mental health and health communication, I’ve been contacted by a number of faculty and students across UT and organizations outside the university. If one goal of this theme was to invite new people to get engaged with the CHC, it has been a promising start.