Brand Story and Messaging

Interior page of brandbook that features an orange backround with white text that says "Converging worlds, creating futures"
Brand Story and Messaging


A brand is a living experience. It is not a soundbite, silhouette or catchy hashtag. It is the feeling those words and images create, the ongoing narrative that people add to, grow with and share. At its core, our brand is the perception of who we are, the promise of what we do and the belief in where we aspire to be.

Moody College brand

The Moody College of Communication, along with our departments, schools, centers, institutes, labs, and programs, enjoys a strong brand reputation. We are proud to work at Moody College because of the outstanding education we provide our students, the innovative scholarship and creative work conducted by our faculty, the commitment to excellent service to our constituents and because we know that we are helping to transform lives for the benefit of society.

We are Converging Worlds. Creating Futures.

Key editorial themes provide focus for our brand storytelling content.

  • Talent and Thought Leadership
  • Belonging 
  • Student Experience and Career Preparation
  • Moody Pride and Community Building

When Marketing the college or our programs, we focus on sharing messages that are meaningful to our audiences including:

  • The value of communication: With our world rapidly changing — from challenges to our health and environment to the emergence of new technologies — communication matters more than ever.
  • Hands-on and experiential learning: The power of Moody College is in its collective community of doers. At Moody College, confidence comes from doing.
  • Building community and connections: In working together to create a better future, Moody College builds relationships that last a lifetime.
  • Life in Austin: The vibrant and diverse city of Austin is at the cross-section of technology, government, media, arts and entertainment — a laboratory for learning with a laid-back flair.
  • Preparing students for industry: Moody students are armed with the skills most valuable in today's workplace, including critical thinking, leadership, collaboration and communication expertise.
  • Return on investment: Consistently ranked as a “best value college,” The University of Texas at Austin ranks among the best institutions for academic quality and cost.