Moody College of Communication

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Experience Moody

We like to say that Moody College of Communication is one of The University of Texas at Austin’s best kept secrets, and we’ll tell you why. We offer a collaborative community, the space to discover your passion and unique voice, experiential learning opportunities and a degree that will help you change the world.

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People are the Heart of Moody

World-class faculty and industry experts are invested in your success.

Exceptional Faculty

Ambitious and hard-working peers enhance your Moody experience.

Talented Students

Alumni thrive because of the confidence they gained as Moody students.

Incredible Alumni

Moody College graduates change the world through research, creative work, persuasive communication and clinical practice. They pursue today’s time-honored communication careers in newsrooms, ad agencies and on film sets, as well as the jobs of tomorrow in content creation, immersive experiences, artificial intelligence and more.

Rachel Davis Mersey, Moody College Dean

Communication Changes the World
Communication is at the core of every human interaction, from our personal and professional relationships to how we function in the workplace. Because of this, being able to effectively communicate is an essential skill in our complex global society. Moody College offers a world-class education in both the theory and practice of communication, preparing you to succeed no matter what your future holds.
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Creative Innovation

Our students engage in cutting-edge research and practice in today’s most important areas, including health care, environmental sustainability, the impacts of artificial intelligence and more, as well as produce breathtaking films, compelling storytelling and reporting, persuasive ad campaigns and other creative endeavors. 

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Grab Your Career By the Horns

Moody College graduates are among the most sought after in today’s job market because of their knowledge, creativity and exceptional storytelling and communication skills. Students go on to careers in entertainment, media, government, business, health and nonprofits, with the opportunity to pursue a variety of roles, including in marketing, digital media strategy, journalism, politics, filmmaking, speech-language pathology and audiology and more.

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Austin is for Leaders

Moody College is located in one of the most desirable cities in the nation, known for its live music, creative arts and technological innovation. In the heart of beautiful Central Texas, Austin has a booming economy, beautiful wildflowers, endless opportunities and some of the best breakfast tacos. It’s not a secret — you’ll love living, studying and working here.

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