Moody College Family Network: Moody College Family Network Members

Chairs of the Network

Julie and Buddie Ballard
Life Members

Life Members

  • Joshua and Juliet Berkowitz
  • Kenneth and Nancy Blank
  • Scott and Teresa Ingraham
  • Dr. Henning and Jane Kreke
  • Sam and Tia Pettijohn
  • Brian and Cathy Schwartz
  • Randi and Brian Schwartz
  • Craig and Cathy Weiss

Dean's Council Members

  • Cory and Dorothy Basso
  • Lance and Jennifer Gilliam
  • Caiguo Gong
  • Chuck and Rachel Matthews

Chair's Council Members

  • Henry and Jessie Chen
  • Nancy and Andrew Disman
  • Matthew and Emily Greer
  • Courtney and Michael Grigsby
  • David and Stephanie Herzfeld
  • Mark and Kiki Hoffman
  • Mark and Rachel Lawrence
  • Melanie and Nick Legamaro
  • Marti and D'Arcy Liston
  • Jennifer and Jonathan Love
  • Benjamin Ortiz Jr. and Belkis Alonso-Ortiz¬†
  • Susan Transou
  • Ellen and Josh Ungerman
  • Jim and Beth Waguespack