Moody College Family Network: Moody College Family Network Members

Chairs of the Network

Julie and Buddie Ballard
Life Members

Life Members

  • Joshua and Juliet Berkowitz
  • Kenneth and Nancy Blank
  • Donald Carey and Mary Ann Schmitt-Carey
  • Elizabeth Davis
  • Wendy and Paul Genender
  • Scott and Teresa Ingraham
  • John and Jodi Della Famina Kim
  • Dr. Henning and Jane Kreke
  • Crystal Moffett-Lourd
  • Sam and Tia Pettijohn
  • David and Allison Rosen
  • Brian and Cathy Schwartz
  • Randi and Brian Schwartz
  • Mike and Elisa Schulter
  • Craig and Cathy Weiss
  • Monique and Gregg Weston

Dean's Council Members

  • Cory and Dorothy Basso
  • Allen and Kristin Cowden
  • Jennifer and John Garrett
  • Lance and Jennifer Gilliam
  • Marc and Fran Flamino
  • Jordan and Leslie Klein
  • Jennifer and Jonathan Love
  • Chuck and Rachel Matthews
  • Leslie and John Moritz
  • Allison and David Rosen
  • Hugh and Alice Rovit
  • Michael and Elisa Schenkman
  • Bill and Ellie Snell

Chair's Council Members

  • Dianne and Shannon Bangle
  • Charles and Julia Campbell
  • Emily and Stephen Feldman
  • Ira Genin and Kristine Lino-Genin
  • Michelle and Scott Gertz
  • Matthew and Emily Greer
  • Rudy Gonzales and Evelyn Farias
  • Nissan and Jamie Hamuy
  • Mark Haas
  • David and Stephanie Herzfeld
  • Mark and Rachel Lawrence
  • Marti and D'Arcy Liston
  • Gary and Stephanie Loveless
  • Kimberly and Frank Martinez
  • Patricia and Kit McConnico
  • Lorin Michaels
  • Benjamin Ortiz Jr. and Belkis Alonso-Ortiz 
  • Belda and Javier Otero
  • Sam and Jennifer Paul
  • Kevin Reed and Nicola Rosendorff
  • Robert Rocha
  • Greg and Suzanne Sitrin
  • Theresa and Joseph Torelli
  • Susie and Tripp Transou
  • Ellen and Josh Ungerman
  • Jillian Winoker