Member Spotlight

A spotlight on Moody College Family Network members Kaveh and Mitra Dehghani

Why did you decide to join the Moody College Family Network?
We are a strong believer of parents and academia working together. When our son joined the Moody College of Communication, we did not think of him as “going away to the University of Texas at Austin”. We knew we had become a part of a bigger family. 

What has been your favorite experience so far as Moody parents?
Having the opportunity to attend the Moody College Family Network Council members meeting, to meet Dean Bernhardt and his staff.  Learning about activities in Moody College and the opportunities available for parents to be involved and to make a positive impact.

You have been so generous as a parent, becoming Chair’s Council members of the Moody College Family Network, supporting the Radio-Television-Film department, donating to the Dean’s Innovation Fund during UT’s 40 hours of giving campaign, and you most recently gave to Moody College’s Lang Stuttering Institute.

What inspired your generosity to give to these areas?
Learning more about the existing and ongoing programs and hearing about the amazing ideas that need financial support to turn into action has been inspiring us to support Moody College.

What would you tell others about your involvement as parents and donors and why you feel it’s important?
As your children grow up and turn into young adults, you will help them gain confidence and stand on their own feet.  You never stop supporting them. By supporting your bigger family and strengthening the ties, you are supporting your young adult.