Thinking about a Growing Center for Health Communication Team

Thinking about a Growing Center for Health Communication Team

By Mike Mackert

The CHC recently finalized a major contract on a statewide health communication campaign related to the opioid epidemic. (More details on that coming soon.)

One of the many exciting outcomes of this project is the fact that we’ll get to add two new members of the CHC team. I couldn’t be more proud of and excited about the team I get to work with every day. The opportunity to add two new members to that team that is an amazing opportunity. It’s also a little stressful, given the culture we’ve built so far within the CHC and the desire to keep building a team that is creative, collaborative, and effective. How do we keep that going?

I feel many of my blog posts often have a theme of “here’s a thing I love about health communication” to them, but there are so many things I love about health communication that it’s hard to avoid that. I also firmly believe that there are few moments and times in the history of health communication which are as special as what we have happening in Austin and UT right now – a wealth of talented faculty and students, the launch of a new medical school, an array of schools on campus dedicated to health who care about the importance of communication…

A big contract and project, and adding two new team members with new talents and perspectives on the work we’re doing, is a moment for reflection and thinking about the future. The CHC has done a lot of great things in the last six months, and I’m feeling great about where we’re going. We’ll be adding two new staff members who will help us continue to do great health communication work in the world, aiming to improve the health and wellbeing of people across the state of Texas. It’s a great reason to pursue our mission, grow our team, and keep doing what we’re doing.