About the Center

About the Center

The Center for Health Communication was established in 2014 to bring together researchers and experts on many diverse areas of health communication into one organizational unit where they can collaborate, share ideas and innovations, and advance their scholarship and its impact to the highest possible level. The CHC has more than 40 affiliated faculty and graduate students from across the university. As of April 2017, the CHC is officially a joint academic center of both the Moody College of Communication and Dell Medical School. The Center is supported, in part, from the Excellence Endowment established  by the generous gift to The University of Texas at Austin from the Moody Foundation.

Our Vision

Improving health through evidence-based communication research and practice.

Our Mission

Our people have broad and deep communication expertise that allows our Center to lead the creation of evidence-based health communication research, education, and practice. Our interdisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners embraces opportunities to use communication to improve the health of all people.

Foundations of our Work

Our work is driven by these core values:

Health is a Human Right
We believe that health is a universal human right and communication is a powerful tool to drive more equitable health outcomes. All aspects of our work include a focus on health equity with the aim of effecting individual, organizational, community, and policy change.  

We work to expand the evidence base of health communication. Evidence is central to the work we do — putting research into practice to improve communication at the individual, interpersonal, organizational, and community levels. 

We cultivate and support leaders in health communication, from students to working professionals in public health, health care, and beyond. 

We believe our work is strong because we incorporate interdisciplinary talents and perspectives. 

We merge the art and science of research and design, developing creative solutions to improve the health of people and populations. 

We thrive on challenge, welcoming courageous failures as springboards for change.

Health Communication Defined

Health communication is the science and art of using communication to advance the health and well-being of people and populations.