Health Communication Training Series

The Health Communication Training Series (HCTS) is a continuing education opportunity for current and aspiring healthcare and health communication professionals. HCTS consists of engaging, self-paced courses on various health communication topics. Easy-to-navigate courses include high-quality video lectures, interactive activities, and opportunities to connect with colleagues in the field. Learners have the option to accrue continuing medical or nursing education credits upon successful completion of the courses.

Health Communication Leadership Institute

The Health Communication Leadership Institute (HCLI) is the Center for Health Communication’s premier professional education offering. In this engaging, advanced workshop, current and aspiring health communication leaders will learn strategies and best practices for leadership, management, and innovation.

Mental Health Communication: What We Know and What We Can Do Better

In an effort to find more effective, less stigmatizing ways to communicate about mental health issues, we have analyzed existing research around common challenges faced by frontline healthcare providers and traditional journalists—two groups with large, important audiences. The result is “Mental Health Communication: What We Know and What We Can Do Better”, a whitepaper that synthesizes relevant research and provides five evidence-based suggestions for those who train these future communicators. Guided by these recommendations and pedagogical best-practices, we also offer four curriculum modules for instructors of undergraduate classes.

Health Communication Minor

CHC offers a minor to any UT student who would like to further their studies in health communication. Students completing the minor program will understand how health communication professionals think and be more prepared for careers in population health, medicine, clinic management, and communication agencies, among others. To complete the minor, students will take a course introducing them to the field of health communication, courses in interpersonal, organizational, and mass communication, as well as two additional courses of the students choosing related to health communication.

Graduate Portfolio

CHC offers a portfolio option to UT graduate students. The portfolio is comprised of four graduate-level courses and allows students to develop an in-depth knowledge of the field of health communication including communication theory, research methods, and applications. These courses are taught by faculty in six departments across four schools, including the Moody College of Communication, and the Colleges of Education, Natural Sciences, and Nursing. Students who enroll in the CHC portfolio will be encouraged to participate in the CHC’s scholarly community by way of attendance at various conferences, seminars, guest lectures, and community outreach events.