Undergraduate Scholarships

Moody College of Communication awards merit- and need-based scholarships to  students who have been enrolled at UT Austin in the past year. The Moody College Scholarship Application  for current and continuing Moody College students is now available through the Longhorn Awards & Student Scholarship Opportunities (LASSO) website.  

Please read the application tips in the link below before applying for Moody College Scholarships.

Incoming freshmen can apply for scholarships through UT's freshman scholarship process.


Other Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities from Moody College

Department of Radio-Television-Film Scholarships for RTF majors.

Find more information about RTF and other film related scholarships including deadlines and how to apply.

Summer Scholarships

Summer funding for journalism majors is available with specific scholarships.

Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program provides support for specific scholarly research projects conducted by full-time UT undergraduate students enrolled in any department. These fellowships are intended to cover costs associated with academic research projects proposed and written by student applicants and undertaken with the supervision of a university tenured or tenure-track faculty member, lecturer, senior lecturer or full-time research scientist/engineer. Some restrictions apply. See current application for more information.

Wofford Denius Music Industry Internship Grants Program

The Wofford Denius Music Industry Internship Grants Program is a special program that grants financial assistance to Moody College of Communication students pursuing summer internships in the music industry in Los Angeles, New York City and Nashville.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

The Headliners Foundation 2024-2025 Scholarship Applications Open

The Headliners Foundation of Texas’ mission is to promote excellence in journalism by providing scholarships to student journalists; recognizing and rewarding outstanding work in professional journalists; and supporting special projects that promote journalistic excellence and preserve history. 

The Headliners Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications for the 2024-2025 academic year. Qualified Texas college & university students are encouraged to apply for more than $90,000 in scholarship funds. The application deadline is Friday, March 8, 2024. 

Listing of Moody College Scholarships Available through LASSO

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Blanche Prejean Endowed Presidential Scholarship 

Bob Schenkkan Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Cedora Anderson Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Chiu-Schaepe Family Endowed Scholarship 

Craig A. & Denise W. Dubow Endowed Presidential Scholarship 

Dan Harrison Endowed Scholarship 

Darrell D. Rocha Scholarship in Communication 

Dell Family Undergraduate Fellowship

Dennis A. Anderson Endowed Presidential Scholarship 

Dr. Bobbie Morrow Dietrich Scholarship in Communication

Dr. Carl E. Adams, Jr. Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Communication 

Dr. Fred Farias, III Endowed Scholarship in Communication 

Earl Campbell Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Communication 

Eugene A. Malish Endowed Presidential Scholarship 

James Lawrence Fly Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Communication 

Janey Katherine Marmion Endowed Presidential Scholarship 

Jennifer Sue Sparrgrove Memorial Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Jesse H. Jones Centennial Scholarship 

Jesse H. Jones Centennial Fellowship 

Joanne Sharp and Jack R. Crosby Endowed Scholarship in Communication 

John E. Mankin, Sr. — Texas Cable Association Endowed Scholarship 

John Tilford Jones, Jr., Endowed Presidential Scholarship Fund

John and Wendy Jennings Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Los Angeles Times Scholarship 

Lyde and Charles Devall Endowed Presidential Scholarship 

Marsha Malish Jones Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Moody College Family Network Endowed Scholarship for Excellence 

Neila Skinner Petrick and Thomas W. Petrick Endowed Scholarship in Communication 

Norman B. Oshman Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Pat Murphy and Bryghte D. Godbold Scholarship 

R. Steven Hicks Endowed Scholarship for Radio Students 

Richard B. Dyke Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Communications

Richard J. Davis Endowed Scholarship

Richard M. & Helen DeVos Scholarship for Excellence in Communicating the Message of Free Enterprise 

Roy D. Peña Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Communication 

Sara Martinez Tucker Endowed Scholarship 

Scott and Donna Tagliarino Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Sue Brandt McBee Scholarship Award for Excellence 

Ward Creative Communications, Inc. Scholarship 

Weeks Correa Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Communication 

Wiethorn Family Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Ann and David Chappell Endowed Scholarship 

Betty King Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Political Communication 

Margaret Surratt Endowed Scholarship in Communication Studies 

Manuel Luna Garay Endowed Scholarship

Pamela Ballard Sawyer Endowed Scholarship in Communication Studies 

Reese Family Scholarship in Communication Studies 

Robert C. Jeffrey Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Communication 

Thomas A. Rousse Memorial Fund 

Witt Family Scholarship Fund 

Gregory Dalton Drago "Spirit of Life" Endowed Presidential Scholarship 

J. L. Fly Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Communication 

Paul Pierre Standifer Endowed Scholarship in Film Production 

Randy Kelleher Endowed Scholarship in Film 

Richard S. “Cactus” Pryor Scholarship

Sol Taishoff Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Broadcasting 

Warren E. Skaaren Endowed Presidential Scholarship 

Wayne H. Edwards Sr. and Wayne H. Edwards Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Frederick N. Martin Scholarship 

Grace Hanson Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Helen D. Vollmer Scholarship in Audiology

Lee and Joe Jamail Endowed Presidential Scholarships in Speech-Language Pathology 

Lennart L. Kopra Endowed Scholarship 

Marilyn Aylor Hodge and Lowrance Hodge Endowed Scholarship in Speech-Language Pathology 

Mary Hilliard Bickler - Max Hermann Bickler Memorial Scholarship Fund 

Terrence and Mary Claire Welch Endowed Scholarship in Speech-Language Pathology 

Bay/Iger Endowed Journalism Scholarship Fund 

Bob Brister Memorial Scholarship.  *awarded through a separate application process

Brandon Schantz Memorial Endowment 

Cabot Educational Grant in Journalism 

Carl R. and Jane Miller Journalism Scholarship Fund

Carmage & Martha Ann Walls Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Journalism 

Charles Robert Devall Journalism Award

Chet Flippo Journalism Scholarship

Christopher Williams-Susan Dillon Journalism Scholarship 

Clarence E. Gilmore Prize

Claudia Taylor Johnson Journalism Scholarship 

Debra Ann Davis Stanley Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Journalism 

DeWitt C. Reddick Journalism Scholarship Fund 

Doc Sellers Endowed Presidential Scholarship for Print Journalism Students

Dock Williamson Lott and Loise McDonald Lott Scholarship 

Dr. Alberto G. Garcia Scholarship 

Everett Hullum Scholarship for Excellence in Journalism 

Frank Morrow Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Business Journalism 

Frenchy Falik Journalism Award 

George W. Crawford Memorial Scholarship

Georgia Lucas Scholarship Fund in Journalism 

Hal John Wimberly Memorial Scholarship in Journalism 

Helen M. Powell Traveling Fellowship 

J. Michael Quinn Scholarship and Student Support Endowment in Journalism 

Joe Roddy, Jr. Headliners Foundation Scholarship in Broadcast News 

John W. Barnhill, Jr. - Blue Bell Creameries, Inc. Endowed Presidential Scholarship 

Jon Meacham Scholarship in Journalism-Awards 

Joseph-Reuben Montoya Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Lane Smith Memorial Scholarship 

Liz and Les Carpenter Scholarship 

Lloyd Allen David Endowed Presidential Scholarship Fund in Journalism 

Lois Sager Foxhall Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Journalism

Martin L. Gibson, Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Journalism 

Mattia Family Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Journalism 

Maxine Smith Elam Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Journalism

Neva McMurry Riedel Scholarship in Journalism 

Paul C. & Julia A. Watler Endowed Scholarship for Investigative Journalism 

Sara Burroughs Endowed Scholarship in Print Journalism

Scott Alan Tagliarino Scholarship in Computational Journalism 

Staley and Beverly McBrayer Endowed Fund in Community Journalism 

Stanley Walker Memorial Award in Journalism 

Sonia and Javier Perez Scholarship in Journalism 

The Sam Attlesey Presidential Endowed Scholarship 

Ward C. Mayborn Journalism Scholarship 

William Russell Young, Jr. Centennial Scholarship

Alan Scott Scholarship

Austin Ad Club Endowed Scholarship in Advertising

David (Shy) Scheihagen Scholarship

Dieste Scholarship for Innovation and Creativity 

Dr. John H. Murphy II Endowed Scholarship

Eleanor and Robert Pulver Scholarship

Frank Rizzo Advertising Scholarship 

Gannett Foundation and KVUE Scholarship in Advertising 

GSD&M Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Advertising 

Hearst Corporation Scholarship in Advertising

Janie Castillo-Flores Endowed Scholarship

Norman Campbell Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Advertising 

Ralph E. Frede Public Relations Scholarship 

Richard J.V. Johnson Endowed Scholarship

Terrence and Mary Claire Welch Endowed Presidential Scholarship 

The Dallas Morning News Scholarship in Advertising

The Richards Group Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Creative Advertising

The Robert M. Gray Scholarship Fund John E. McGary Advertising Scholarship 

Tracy-Locke/Morris Hite Endowed Presidential Scholarship Fund for Advertising Studies