Adding or Dropping a Course

Adding a Course

Through the 4th class day in Fall/Spring (2nd class day in summer)

Students may only add a course if a seat opens on the online registration system or they are promoted from a waitlist.

4th through 12th class day (3rd and 4th class days in summer)

Students should only request to add a class after the 4th class day for rare and extenuating circumstances. If you have questions about which course to take, please see your advisor; to request a seat in an open course, please visit the Moody Help Desk queue. For non-Moody courses, please contact the department offering the course you wish to add.

For Moody internship courses, please email

Dropping a Course

Note that if you wish to drop all of your classes, or to drop the only class for which you are registered, you must withdraw from the University. To begin the withdrawal process, you must meet with your academic advisor. 

1st through 12th class days (first 4 class days in summer)

You may drop a course using the online registration system. Courses dropped during this time are removed from your record and will not count toward your six Q-drop limit. Your tuition bill will be adjusted, and you will receive a partial tuition refund if you drop below 12 hours.

After the 12th class day through the mid-semester deadline (after the 5th class day in summer)

All courses dropped during this time period will be recorded as Q-drops. When you Q-drop a course, a grade of Q is recorded on your transcript for that course. The Q will not affect your GPA. You will not be refunded for a course that you Q-drop.

IMPORTANT: Students are limited to a total of six (6) dropped courses for academic reasons during undergraduate studies. Full details can be found here.

You may Q-Drop a class for academic reasons by submitting the form below.

Academic Q-Drop

Otherwise, please make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss a non-academic drop.

The two options for non-academic drops are as follows:

  1. For course drops due to a health-related issue, you must use the University Health Center’s process to apply for a medical course load reduction. Your academic advisor will need to approve your course load reduction application.
  2. For all other non-academic reasons, you must submit a Non-Academic Drop Petition. This petition must be accompanied by supporting documentation. Your advisor will provide more information.