Office of Undergraduate Education

Cassandre G. Alvarado, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Kyle Clark, Assistant Dean for Advising and Director of Student Support

Operations and Administration

Andreyez Alvarado, Director of Operations and Administration
April Cafaro, Moody College Honors Program Coordinator
Colleen Morgan, Curriculum Manager
Sarah Sutton, Administrative Program Coordinator
David Wilcox, Principal Software Developer and Analyst
Nathaniel Day, Student Services and Records Associate

Student Support

Noemi Y Gomez, Recruitment Coordinator
Adrienne McClendon, Minors Coordinator and Advisor
Marialena Rivera, Senior Program and Events Coordinator
Katherine Brewer, Senior Student Program Coordinator

Academic Advising

Theresa Thomas, Director of Advising
Alexia Apollo, Academic Advising Coordinator
Emily Brandon, Assistant Academic Advisor
Cassie Burton, Academic Advising Coordinator
Luisa Cantu, Associate Academic Advisor
Tina Carter, Academic Advising Coordinator
Allyson Gunderson, Assistant Academic Advisor
Doug Haake, Academic Advising Coordinator
Gabi Morris, Associate Academic Advisor
Damon O'Brien, Academic Advising Coordinator
Xavier Oaks, Senior Academic Advisor
Monica Ortiz, Assistant Academic Advisor
Allicyn Phillips, Senior Academic Advisor
Mitchell Shotts, Associate Academic Advisor
Amy Xenakis, Senior Academic Advisor
Senior Academic Advisor (Vacant)


Associated Programs

Dave Junker, Director of the Moody College Honors Program
Diana Dawson, Director of the Moody Writing Support Program

Education Abroad Advisors

Daniel Ach
Barbara Barstow

DMC 2.600
(512) 471-1553


Mailing Address:
Moody College of Communication
The University of Texas at Austin
300 W. Dean Keeton (A0900)
Austin, TX 78712-1069