Full-Time Status

Who has full-time status?

Undergraduate students at the University of Texas at Austin must enroll in at least 12 hours to be considered a full-time student. See a list of exceptions below.

  • If you begin a semester as a full-time student but during the semester you drop a course and you go below the full-time threshold, that change will impact your full-time status.
  • While full-time enrollment is not a college or University requirement, less-than-full-time enrollment may you.

Full-time status impacts the following:

If you are receiving financial aid and do not enroll full-time, be sure to consult the Financial Aid Office to discuss the impact to your aid package . If you are receiving a scholarship from UT Austin, or from an outside organization, check the terms of your scholarship to see if full-time status is required. All Moody College scholarship recipients must maintain full-time enrollment, unless prior approval has been granted.

If you are on scholastic probation, you MUST maintain at least 12 semester hours in a fall or spring semester unless prior written approval of the dean has been obtained.

Registration time slots are assigned based on your completed coursework. Enrolling in less-than-full-time hours may impact both your progress toward a four-year graduation and your registration time.

If you receive veteran's benefits, less-than-full-time status may impact the benefits you receive. Check with UT Austin's Veterans Affairs Office for details.

Only full-time students are eligible to live in on-campus housing.

If you are covered by your parents’ health or car insurance, the insurance company may require you to be a full-time student. See your individual policy plan for specific information.

NCAA rules require that student-athletes maintain full-time enrollment.

Allowable Exceptions

If you have a disability and are registered with the Disability and Access (D&A) office, you may discuss the Course Load Reduction Accommodation process with that office. Students who successfully complete this process will not be penalized by part-time status in policy and program areas under University control; however, auxiliary services (such as federal financial aid, personal insurance, non-University sponsored scholarships, etc.) may be affected. D&A will provide a verification letter that you may need to provide to University and non-University offices.

If you are in your final semester and only need to take between 6 and 11 hours in order to graduate that semester, you can contact your advisor after the 12th class day to seek a full-time status reclassification letter. Once this request is fully processed, the Registrar's Office's records will show that you are considered a full-time student for University purposes (though you may need to notify impacted University offices of this allowance). Bear in mind that non-UT Austin offices are not obligated to allow this exception.