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Moody College Academics

The Moody College of Communication prepares students to thrive in our ever-changing media environment by exposing them to the various communication disciplines to gain new insights and skills, realize new forms of expression, and redefine the boundaries of what communication is and how it works.

We offer seven undergraduate degree plans created to provide our students with a comprehensive foundation in the many aspects of communication. Our students study where we've been, where we are, and where we are going. When you graduate with a degree from our college you not only have an in-depth knowledge of your major area, but you also leave our campus with a broader understanding of the role of communication in cultures, communities, and the world. We give our students the tools to shape the future.

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Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations

Our emphasis on theory and practice has for decades made us a leader in advertising and public relations education. From our two bachelor's degrees, to our master's and Ph.D., our specialized interdisciplinary degree programs combine scholarly rigor and cutting-edge professional training.

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Speech and language impairments include voice disorder, articulation problems, fluency problems, aphasia, phonological problems, and delays in speech or language. Hearing impairments include partial hearing and deafness. We teach students to understand and treat these challenges throughout the entire lifespan of human development from early childhood through the elder years and encourage them to develop a holistic understanding of the communication process and to investigate new ways to expand the mind’s potential to formulate, absorb, and express ideas. We are consistently ranked one of the top programs in the United States. For example, the most recent version of US News and World Report ranked Speech and Language Pathology #7 an Audiology #13.

Department of Communication Studies

Communication Studies seeks to understand communication and to improve its practice in a variety of relationships. We focus on two person and family communication, communication in small groups and in large organizations, communication across communities, the nature of language and symbols, and the nature of argument and persuasion in political settings and in social movements. Communication Studies will maintain graduate programs that are ranked in the top five nationally and maintain high standards for both graduate and undergraduate teaching.

Department of Radio-Television-Film

The Department of Radio-Television-Film at The University of Texas at Austin offers a broad range of courses in the media arts leading to the Bachelor of Science, Master of Fine Arts, Master's and Ph.D. degrees. Consistently ranked as one of the top 10 programs in the country, it is one of the few departments offering degrees in both practical and theoretical areas -- i.e., in both media production and media studies.

School of Journalism

With the goal of preparing students to be leaders in journalism’s digital reinvention, we revised the curriculum – breaking down walls between print, broadcast, photographic and online journalism, and between skills and content courses. Students can now take courses in mobile app design and development, web and mobile programming, database reporting, data visualization, social media and multimedia storytelling. You can learn how to write for online audiences, how to think like media entrepreneurs and how to experiment with the next generation of technology: virtual reality, augmented reality, sensors and more.

Degree in Communication and Leadership

Leadership is a core value of the University of Texas at Austin, and developing leaders for Texas and beyond is central to accomplishing the University’s mission. To be a leader requires the ability to bridge narrow academic disciplines with a capacity to envision strategies that are informed through interdisciplinary approaches, communication skills, and ethical practices.

Academic Enrichment

UT in Los Angeles Program

UTLA program exposes students to the working world of the entertainment industry through internships, courses and guest lectures by prominent industry experts.

Writing Support Program

The writing support program helps students to learn the unique language of communication professionals, giving them the skills and encouragement to succeed.

Latino Media Studies

The Latino Media Studies program examines United States Latino and Latin American issues in media and communication from multiple perspectives, and prepares students for professional work in individual areas of interest.

Health Communication Scholars Program

The Health Communication Scholars Program seeks to improve training of graduate students interested in health communication to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration and secure grant funding for research projects.

Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program

The pre-graduate school Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program connects you with faculty and veteran graduate students in their field of study to explore those unique aspects of graduate study that make it distinct from the undergraduate experience.

Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows is a college-wide honors program for juniors and seniors with a proven desire to go beyond the typical requirements of the undergraduate curriculum. The seminars are interdisciplinary communication courses that feature an array of special topics taught by top faculty from all majors within the Moody College.

Speech Debate & Forensics

The university has highly competitive programs in speech, debate and forensics geared toward competing in national tournaments.

First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs)

First-Year Interest Groups provide an ideal opportunity for you to get to know other first-year students in the Moody College by taking a common set of classes, including a special seminar that introduces you to important campus resources and helps you get a jump start on student life.

Study Abroad Programs

There are a variety of opportunities for students in the Moody College of Communication to add an international component to their degree plan. You can participate in Maymester, exchange, or semester-long programs offered either by the Moody College of Communication or the University's Study Abroad Office.

Minors & Certificate Programs


The Moody College offers minors in communication studies, journalism, visual media, health communication, communication and society: science communication, Latino media studies, as well as a certificate in sports media.

Bridging Disciplines Program

The Bridging Disciplines Program (BDP) is designed to complement your departmental major with an interdisciplinary specialization. Admission to the Bridging Disciplines Program is by application.

Business Foundations Program

The Business Foundations Program (BFP) allows non-business majors to take business courses as a supplement to their degree program in the Moody College of Communication.

Elements of Computing

The Elements of Computing Program, offered through the Department of Computer Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin, provides non-CS majors with a background in computing fundamentals and an introduction to key application areas of computing. Successful completion of the program leads to an Elements of Computing certificate.