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Studying or interning abroad is a transformational experience that unites fun, self-discovery, and learning. It shows a commitment to global citizenship. It helps you learn to navigate challenging situations from different cultural perspectives. It can develop desirable skills for the classroom and job search.

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Program Highlights

Programs highlighted here have relevant major credit for Moody students. For a full listing of possible programs, see the Education Abroad program search.

study in Australia

Salzburg, Austria

The Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change is a unique three-week study abroad program held each year in Salzburg, Austria. Sixty students and a dozen faculty attend from all five continents to develop a dynamic, online Global Media Literacy curriculum.

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Prague, Czech Republic

This semester program in Prague offers a unique opportunity for students to gain firsthand experience in film at one of the most preeminent film schools in Central Europe, while also learning about the language and history of the Czech Republic.

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Aarhus, Denmark

The exchange program with Aarhus University is ideal for advanced undergraduate or graduate students with a strong interest in media studies. Students may apply for a one-semester exchange or for a full year of study at Aarhus. Courses are taught in English.


London, England

Community Life Documented - Running in 2024

This May Term offers a unique opportunity to advanced, intermediate, and beginning students of videography to apprentice with an experienced documentary filmmaker and television news producer, while learning about the art, architecture, film, and history of London.

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Tampere, Finland

This exchange program with Tampere University in the center of the sauna capital of the world. TU is Finland's leading site for Social Sciences, including Journalism and Mass Communication, which was the first institution of higher education in Scandinavia to introduce Journalism as a discipline. Courses are taught in English.

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Erfurt, Germany

The Summer Program in Communications, SPICE, is an intensive summer study abroad program held on the campus of the University of Erfurt and taught in English to an international classroom. Courses include Communication Studies and International Public Relations.

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Dublin, Ireland

Pro-Social Public Relations - Running in 2024

This May Term in Dublin is a special opportunity for public relations students. This skills-focused course covers all the essential elements of a basic PR class — writing, campaign design, interview skills — but it does so in one of the world's fastest changing environments.

Stone sculpture on grassy hillside under a cloudy sky.

Dublin, Ireland

Documentary Photography Storytelling - Running in 2024

This course with UT journalism professor Donna De Cesare, offers a rare opportunity for advanced, intermediate, and beginning students of photographic storytelling to learn how visual journalists approach working on foreign still photographic assignments. Our photography will focus on answering the question:  What does it mean to be Irish in the 21st Century? Students work on this assignment in small teams, by photographing stories of Irish people (including immigrants and refugees) who are protagonists in contemporary social justice stories of identity and culture; economic and political rights; and efforts to address the climate challenges the Irish face today.  Skills developed will include research, concept, and interviewing as well as camera-led reporting in communities and on the streets of Dublin. The ethical considerations that concern photojournalists and documentarians will inform our work... We will meet during the spring semester to establish our cohort and form our teams as we learn about Irish culture and history, view work by contemporary Irish photographers and prepare to work as visual “foreign correspondents.”

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Madrid, Spain

This semester exchange is at IE University, a beautiful and historic site and one of the top ranked universities in Europe offering students an international, humanistic, and entrepreneurial perspective in Communications.

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Pamplona, Spain

The University of Navarra, located in Pamplona, Spain, offers fall and spring semester exchanges. The University features a student enrollment of approximately 13,000 and allows students to hone their Spanish-language skills while taking mostly Communication course work in one of Spain's most distinguished academic institutions.

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NTU - Singapore

The semester exchange at the Nanyang University of Technology (NTU) offers courses in one of the world's fastest growing and most "globalized" countries in the world. The Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information is the top journalism and media school in Asia.

korea university

Seoul, South Korea

Korea University (KU), founded in 1905, is widely acknowledged as one of the country's oldest, largest and top-ranked universities in Korea. The KU campus covers over 182 acres and is home to more than 35,000 students from all over the nation and the world. With its stately stone architecture, sprawling lawns, seasonal trees and natural flora, KU is known to have one of the most beautiful campuses in Korea.

hong kong study abroad

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Founded in 1963, CUHK ranks among the top ten universities in Asia and top 50 in the world. Located on a spacious, green, and hilly campus, CUHK has over 5,800 staff members, 20,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students representing 45 different countries. A premier tourist destination in Asia, Hong Kong is a unique fusion of Eastern and Western cultures with steel sky-scrapers, festivals, and incense-filled temples.

Students take regular university courses with students from the host country. There is no prior language requirement as a wide selection of courses is taught in English.