The official University policy for the One-Time Exception states that undergraduate students who may not have urgent, substantiated, nonacademic reasons will be allowed to drop a single class or withdraw from the University after the deadline to drop or withdraw for academic reasons under the provisions of the One-Time-Exception (OTE). The OTE may be invoked only once during the student’s entire undergraduate college career regardless of the college the student was enrolled in at the time the exception was allowed. The provisions of the OTE are as follows.

General Provisions

  1. The OTE policy does not apply to students in the Graduate School, the College of Pharmacy, the LBJ School of Public Affairs, the School of Law, or the School of Information.
  2. The OTE Drop Form must be completed by 5:00 pm (CT) on the last class day (see Provisions below).
  3. Any drop or withdrawal allowed under the OTE policy will be subject to the same academic and financial aid rules governing other drops or withdrawals taken during the semester.

Provisions for Drops

  1. Moody College of Communication students must meet with their academic advisor before pursuing the OTE drop.
  2. A student may not drop a class if there are any pending investigations of scholastic dishonesty for the class in question; this will be verified by the student’s dean’s office with the instructor of the course.
  3. Students will be allowed to drop a course regardless of his or her current grade in the course.
  4. Drops allowed under the provisions of the OTE policy will be considered academic drops and will count toward the six-drop limit. Students who have reached the six-drop limit are not eligible to use the OTE to drop a course.
  5. All Moody students who are on scholastic probation must meet with a Moody academic advisor (preferably their assigned academic advisor), to use their OTE as a drop if it will put them below full-time status (below 12 hours). Students may meet with an academic advisor either in an appointment or during drop-ins.

Provisions for Withdrawals

  1. Students who are requesting to use the OTE for a withdrawal will be allowed to withdraw regardless of current grades in classes.
  2. Pending scholastic dishonesty will be verified by the student’s dean’s office with the Dean of Students Office. Withdrawal will not be approved if there is a pending scholastic dishonesty case.