Learn about Advertising

What You Will Study, How You Will Learn

Advertising majors are prepared to work and grow as leaders in the professional community. They are trained to excel in a wide variety of careers, from the artistic side to the business of media planning.

The undergraduate degree plan exposes students to creative, media and client management techniques through coursework that is grounded in field-specific expertise and industry experience.

To learn more, please review the degree requirements and the degree flow chart, or consult the degree checklist.

Curriculum Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Advertising degree comprises 120 credit hours and has additional requirements:

  • A minimum of 39 and maximum 45 hours of major-specific coursework established by the department
  • Advertising-specific Statistics is required and satisfies the core curriculum math requirement
  • 12 hours of business courses

Students are required to take Introduction to Advertising & Integrated Brand Promotion and are encouraged to do so by their sophomore year. The class is designed to cultivate understanding of foundational concepts and perspectives and stimulate the students’ interest in continuing their work in the field.

Course Highlights

Introduction to Creative Advertising: Learn to apply creative theories, processes, and problem-solving skills to become more creative in any field.

Media Foundations: An investigation of media-market measurements and strategies across the full spectrum of the industry; development of media communications plan.

Design Your Path

As students grow into their collegiate journey, and specific talents and skills are apparent, students can design their own path. Example specialization classes include Psychology of Video Game Advertising and Sports Contract Negotiation.

Students can also tap into in-depth, application-only enhancements, Texas Creative, Texas Media & Analytics and Texas Immersive.