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About the Communication & Leadership Degree Program

The Communication and Leadership degree at Moody College of Communication is the only undergraduate degree offered at The University of Texas at Austin specifically focused on the study and practice of leadership. Students develop a skill set to navigate a variety of professional contexts because they build upon the key foundations of leadership and communication.

As a CLD student, you will study good and bad leadership, assess your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader and learn to play to your strengths while collaborating with those who can compensate for your weaknesses. The degree has the flexibility to allow you to explore various areas and refine your interests. It also enables you to tailor your degree plan to fit your individual interests. For example, some students focus on leadership in business while others focus on leadership in nonprofit organizations, education, or government.

Why Choose the Communication & Leadership Degree

The world has pressing problems and is in need of ethical, effective leaders to address them. The CLD degree will uniquely prepare you as a leader who understands the art and science of leadership.

How it Works

This highly flexible degree program with small, inclusive classroom environments provides coursework in:

  • Communication and Leadership (15 hours)
  • Communications Foundations (12 hours)
  • Social Issues (9 hours)
  • +18-27 hours of free electives. Many students use these electives to complete a minor or certificate that allows them to learn about the context in which they aim to lead.

What You Will Learn

Communication and Leadership students at the Moody College of Communication develop a skillset to navigate a variety of professional contexts because they build upon the key foundations of leadership and communication. The Communication and Leadership degree plan allows for course customization that provides context and skill in the creation of a next-generation leader.

How to Use This Degree

This degree prepares you to mobilize a variety of skillsets in fields such as civic leadership, public service, philanthropic administration and corporate social responsibility. By practicing your leadership abilities through internships or part-time jobs, participation in student organizations and in the classroom, you will be well prepared to launch your future as a leader.


Director Minette Drumwright

Dr. Drumwright is an associate professor in the School of Advertising and Public Relations in Moody College of Communication and jointly appointed in Business, Government & Society at theMcCombs School of Business. She is passionate about ethics, leadership, corporate social responsibility, and communication for nonprofit organizations.

Dr. Drumwright has won numerous teaching awards including the President’s Associates Teaching Excellence Award, the Moody College Teaching Excellence Award, the Cale McDowell Award for Innovation in Undergraduate Studies, and the McCombs Elective Course Teaching Award.

Communication & Leadership Faculty

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