The Texas Program in Sports and Media

Texas Program in Sports and Media


Moody College creating a center to study sports and media

Dean Jay Bernhardt has announced the creation of a new academic center for the study of sports and media at the Moody College of Communication, uniting two of the College’s existing initiatives – the Texas Program in Sports and Media (TPSM) and the Undergraduate Certificate in Sports Media – under a common umbrella. Moody College has also launched a nationwide search for a new faculty member to lead the forthcoming Center.

“The Center will bring our talented people and programs together under one virtual roof, and help strengthen and expand our future teaching, research and practice related to communication and sports,” Dr. Bernhardt said. “This approach is modeled after our outstanding work in health and medicine that has resulted in our successful Center for Health Communication. Once established, our existing sports programs will become part of the new Center and interested faculty and staff will become affiliated. As a result, the whole of our sports and media work will be far greater than the sums of its disparate parts.”

Concurrent with these developments, TPSM Founding Director, Mike Cramer, has tendered his resignation effective at the end of the 2016-2-17 academic year. He intends to transition into an advisory role to support the College’s upgraded investment in scholarship and industry opportunities for students. Moody College faculty members whose clinical and scholarly work addresses issues of sport, including Kevin Robbins, Dr. Kirk Goldsberry, Joel Lulla, Steve Wille, Tullos Wells, Dr. Angeline Close, Dr. Dawna Ballard, Dr. Natalie Devlin Brown and others throughout the University of Texas at Austin are expected to align their work on communication and sport under the auspices of the new Center. The Center will continue to support the McGarr Symposium on Sports and Society, the Frank Deford Lecture in Sports Journalism and cross-campus collaborations with UT-Austin’s Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sport and the Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation.

“The foundation that TPSM has been able to establish for the discourse on issues of sports, media and society in Moody College is substantial,” Cramer said. “We’ve been fortunate to be at a leading edge of the academic embrace of issues of sports, media and society. Given sport’s outsized cultural impact on this country and the current headlines at virtually any moment, it’s clear that there’s a tremendous amount of scholarship that needs to happen for us to understand the dynamics in our midst. I welcome and embrace Dean Bernhardt’s efforts in this area and look forward to continuing to help the Center in the future.”