Sports Media minor

The Center for Sports Media & Communication offers students following the 2018-2020 Undergraduate Catalogue or a later catalogue the opportunity to pursue the Sports Media minor, designed to give a theoretical understanding and practical experience in a category that has moved to the forefront of the media industry in the United States and around the world. As media options have proliferated in the post network and digital age, audiences have become highly fragmented. It has become much harder for media to gather large, predictable, real time, engaged audiences for individual programs. The major exception is sports.

As a result, marketers have dedicated massive resources to complex, integrated sports strategies in everything from the Olympics to World Cup to Formula 1, the NFL, the NCAA and emerging sports like professional surfing and lacrosse. As the value of the sports product has skyrocketed, teams, leagues and athletes have found it worthwhile to perfect their own marketing. Together, marketers, sports teams and leagues have pushed the envelope on combining mass media, social and digital media, sponsorship, public relations and other disciplines into powerful integrated communications programs.

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The Sports Media Minor is only available to students following the 2018-2020 catalog, or a later catalog. Students under earlier catalogs may pursue the Sports Media Certificate. Please visit this website for more information.

Scholars, professionals and experts connecting with students

A high value of the Center for Sports Communication & Media is to bring world-class subject matter experts in all fields of communication to campus for exchanges with students in a variety of forums. Building on the legacy of the Texas Program in Sports and Media, CSCM welcomes the opportunity to host and hear from journalists, filmakers, academics, activists and athletes, among others.

 Locker Room Talk: Intersections of Gender, Masculinity and Violence

Locker Room Talk: Intersections of Gender, Masculinity and Violence

Public discussion related to the 2017 Politics and Potential of Sport conference at UT-Austin. The panel features Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, Katrina Karkazis, Jessica Luther and Keme Nzerem. Dr. Ben Carrington hosted the event, which was held on March 10, 2017.

Gerardo Casanova ESPN Disney

In conversation with Gerardo Casanova of ESPN

Gerardo Casanova, Vice-President and General Manager, Latin America North and ESPN Mexico, spoke to UT-Austin students on his perspective of the Latin America sports broadcasting industry. Casanova was interviewed by professor Joel Lulla. The event was held on March 11, 2015 on the UT-Austin campus

Sam Freedman

Sam Freedman: Breaking the Line

Samuel G. Freedman is an award-winning author, columnist, and professor. A columnist for The New York Times and a professor at Columbia University, he is the author of the seven acclaimed books, most recently "Breaking The Line: The Season in Black College Football That Transformed the Game and Changed the Course of Civil Rights." This event was recorded at UT-Austin on October 1, 2013.

Dr. Harry Edwards

Dr. Harry Edwards: Just Stop It

TPSM Fellow Jessica Luther interviews Dr. Harry Edwards about the numerous instances of rape, sexual assault and domestic violence involving male professional athletes and the cultures that enable the phenomena. Dr. Edwards emphasizes his Just Stop It campaign. This event occurred on the UT-Austin campus on April 7, 2015.

 George Vecsey Q and A

George Vecsey Q and A

Legendary New York Times sports columnist George Vecsey talks about his reporting experiences and writing craft in dialogue with TPSM executive director Mike Cramer and former NYT editor Kathleen McElroy. The event took place on September 21, 2011.

Community Initiative: CSCM Research Talks

The Center for Sports Communication & Media  is excited to announce a new initiative. The Center is launching the Center for Sports Communication & Media Research Brownbag Series. Center Director Dr. Michael Butterworth has enthusiasm for what the Center can achieve for the scholarly community within the Center. He believes that “Sharing our research is one of the ways the Center for Sports Communication & Media can cultivate collaboration between the departments and schools in the Moody College of Communication.  It also helps us build a foundation for making our work more visible in our various scholarly organizations and communities."

The purpose, scope and schedule for the series follows.

Purpose and Aim: The Center for Sports Communication & Media’s Research Brownbag Series has a purpose that is largely scholarly. The aim of our research brownbag series is threefold. The brownbag series will provide:

  1. A way for researchers, namely center affiliates to connect and create community,
  2. A platform to disseminate research to an intimate yet interdisciplinary audience who can provide constructive feedback,
  3. A a way to showcase the important research our center affiliates are doing and providing content for the Center for communication and public relations

Scope: The scope of this series, at least in its inaugural year is primarily internal; largely to bring together scholars across the college and university. The series is especially welcoming to graduate students who have any interest in sport-related research as pertaining to communication, media, and related aspects of sport.

Center for Sports Communication & Media Schedule (2018-2019):

The location is in the Center, which is in CMB 3.110. The time is 12:00-1:00, with a suggested 30 minutes for presenting and an ample 30 minutes of discussion.

  • Wed. Nov. 28: Dr. Michael Butterworth, Director of The Center for Sports Communication & Media | Professor, Communication Studies (Topic: Public Memory and Political Reconciliation at the Munich 1972 Massacre Memorial)
  • Mon. Dec 10: Justin Graeber, Doctoral Student, Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations (Topic: Dissertation research on NBA sponsorship, Jersey branding, and schema congruity vs. functional fit)
  • Thu. Feb. 7: Dr. Natalie Devlin Brown, Assistant Professor, Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations (Topic: Sport communication research on the Olympics)
  • Mon. Feb 25: Dr. Jennifer McClearen, Lecturer, Radio-Television-Film (Topic: sport, gender and race)
  • Mon. March 18: Dr. Angeline Close Scheinbaum, Associate Director for Research for Center for Sports Communication & Media, Assistant Professor, Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations (Topic: Sport sponsorship)
  • Mon. April 29: Sam Schelfhout, Doctoral Student, Physical Culture and Sports Studies (Topic: Dissertation research on sport diplomacy)

We look forward to having interested researchers and students join the Center for this research initiative.

Thank you in advance to all of the speakers!