CHER Grant Program

The Center for Health Communication launched the Communication for Health, Empathy, and Resilience (CHER) grant program in Fall 2017 with the goal to promote collaboration between Moody College of Communication and Dell Medical School faculty in their evidence-based health communication scholarship, education, and community involvement endeavors.

Following a competitive review process, grants will be awarded to teams of faculty and students to conduct pilot projects investigating communication’s key role in promoting wellness, creating a culture of empathy among healthcare providers, and enabling people to resist and recover from illness or injury. 


  • Mid-September 2019: Initial cycle announcement circulated
  • November 1, 2019: Deadline for Letters of Interest (see template)
  • December 2, 2019: Applicants notified, finalists invited to prepare full proposal and presentation
  • Early January, 2020: Finalist presentations
  • January 24, 2020: Awards announced
  • February 1, 2020: Current cycle funding period starts (projects must have IRB approval before funds released)
  • Early fall 2020: Current cycle “mid-term” progress reports due to CHER grant program administrators; financial progress report provided by CHC to grantees
  • Early spring 2021: Current cycle “wrap up” progress reports due to CHER grant program administrators; financial progress report provided by CHC to grantees
  • May 31, 2021: Current cycle funding period ends and final reports due

Download the CHER Grant Program details document, including overview, eligibility, timeline, and letter of interest template.

2018-2019 CHER Grantees

CHER awarded approximately $20,000 for the second cycle of grant funding.

CHER Grantee #1: Developing Public Health Messaging to Reduce Asthma Disparities

CHER Grantee #2: Optimizing Messages for Personalized Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

2017 – 2018 CHER Grantees
CHER awarded approximately $20,000 in the inaugural 2017-18 grant cycle for three projects.

CHER Grantee #1: Lead Poisoning Prevention in Texas Communities

  • Principal Investigator: Dr. Anjum Khurshid, Department of Population Health
  • Co-Investigator: Dr. Brad Love, Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations
  • Co-Investigator: Dr. Kate Pounders, Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations

CHER Grantee #2: Studying the Effects of Empathetic Healthcare

  • Principal Investigator: Dr. David Ring, Departments of Surgery and Perioperative Care and Psychiatry
  • Co-Investigator: Dr. Joost Kortlever, Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care
  • Co-Investigator: Dr. Laura Brown, Center for Health Communication

CHER Grantee #3: Minority Women’s Enrollment in Clinical Trials

  • Principal Investigator: Dr. J Stuart Ferriss
  • Co-Investigator: Anita Vangelisti, Department of Communication Studies
  • Assistant: Suzanne Burdick, Department of Communication Studies
  • Assistant: Stephanie Nutt, Department of Women's Health