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Sport and Society Initiatives at UT-Austin


Lognhorn Network

The Longhorn Network (LHN) is a joint venture between The University of Texas at Austin, ESPN and IMG College, and is operated by ESPN (itself owned jointly by The Walt Disney Company and the Hearst Corporation). The network launched on August 26, 2011, broadcasting Texas Longhorns varsity sports teams, and operates out of studios just north of the UT-Austin campus.

Texas Athletics logo

Texas Athletics

Texas Athletics Core Values

  • Integrity: Play by the rules and do what's right.
  • Excellence: We play to win, and we are relentless in pursuit of the highest level of intellectual, personal and athletic achievement.
  • Teamwork: We're stronger together.
  • Diversity: Many distinct voices, one university.
  • Creativity: Foster innovation, welcome new ideas.
  • Accountability: To yourself, to your team, to your university, and to society.
  • Loyalty: Welcome to the Longhorn family: a bond that lasts a lifetime.
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The Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports

As a research center at The University of Texas at Austin—one of the nation’s major research universities—the Stark Center is dedicated to:
Acquiring and providing access to archival materials in the fields of physical culture and sports;
Supporting and conducting research in disciplines concerned with health and high performance;
Preserving the history of physical culture and sports; and
Educating the public about the cultural and scientific significance of physical culture and sports through publications, digitization, web-based initiatives, and gallery.The Stark Center defines Physical Culture as: a term used to describe the various activities people have employed over the centuries to strengthen their bodies, enhance their physiques, increase their endurance, enhance their health, fight against aging, and become better athletes.

Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation

Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation

The Center for Sports Leadership & Innovation (CSLi) cultivates the character development, leadership skills and long-term welfare of athletes and coaches through integrity, inquiry and innovation.
Launched on December 15, 2014, the Center for Sports Leadership & Innovation represents the University’s commitment to live up to its mission statement: To Transform Lives for the Benefit of Society. CSLi leverages the University’s academic and sports capital to cultivate leadership and character reform among student-athletes across the country.


VYPE Media

VYPE Media, headquartered in Houston, TX, provides exclusive content and services for high school and youth sports. With unique approaches to the promotion of student athletics, VYPE Media engages local communities of players, teams, coaches, families and fans and develops student athletes, helps schools improve success rates, and provides compelling opportunities for advertisers and sponsors wanting to reach the $15 billion high school and youth sports market.