broken trust3

February 28, 2019

Organized by Jill Yesko and Dr. Michael Butterworth

CSCM convened a broad-based discussion on the dynamics of power, responsibility and fair play amongst athletes and those in positions of authority, ostensibly to support their development and achievement.

The UT-Austin event was held in coordination with the development of CSCM Fellow Jill Yesko's documentary feature, Broken Trust: Athletes Betrayed. As Yesko describes her project: "Broken Trust gives voice to the courageous women and men who have dared to speak up against abuse on all levels. Told through interviews with Olympic and national-class athletes, coaches and experts, Broken Trust looks at how and why abuse takes place and what needs to be done to stop it." 

The CSCM event focused specifically on the experiences of women competing at the elite level in Olympic sports, a topic clearly recognized as being vital in light of recent scandals and increased visibility of movements such as #MeToo. With CSCM's interests in communication and media, this panel discussion included discussion on matters of voice, representation, and symbolism.

This event was co-sponsored by UT's Center for Women and Gender Studies.