Doctoral Fellows

The purpose of the CHC Doctoral Fellows program is to give PhD students interested in health communication the opportunity to work closely with CHC leadership and affiliates on projects that advance the mission of the CHC. Doctoral Fellows are expected to attend and support major CHC events, and the time commitment should be no more than five hours per week. The program is intended to be mutually beneficial – the work of the Doctoral Fellows helps advance CHC projects and activities, while the Doctoral Fellows have the chance to work closely with CHC leadership and better understand the operation of an academic center. 

For more information about the CHC Doctoral Fellows program, contact Mike Mackert.

2020-2021 Doctoral Fellows

Headshot of Cassidy Doucet, doctoral fellow at the CHC

Cassidy Doucet

Cassidy is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Communication Studies Department in the Moody College of Communication. She is in the Organizational Communication and Technology division. Her current research interests are in health communication, specifically around how healthcare providers can improve women's health through communication and technology. She works as a graduate teaching assistant and graduate research assistant for the Moody College Global Engagement Committee. She is a member of OPTIC Lab, under the direction of Keri Stephens. She also serves as the Vice President of the Graduate Communication Council (GCC), Secretary of Communication Studies Graduate Community (CommSGC), and Secretary/Treasurer of Graduate Women in Communication (GWIC). Cassidy received her master's degree in communication from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a triple specialization in organizational communication, interpersonal communication, and public relations.

Headshot of Karen Schlag, doctoral fellow at the CHC

Karen Schlag, MA

Karen is a doctoral candidate in interpersonal communication at the Moody College of Communication. Her primary research examines supportive communication, stigma, decision-making, and relationship maintenance in healthcare and family contexts. An underlying interest in this work is to better understand ways in which relational factors impact individuals’ healthcare experiences. Working on interdisciplinary teams, Karen has also participated in quantitative and qualitative projects examining the influence of messaging on decision-making by healthcare recipients and their families.

Headshot of Jiahua Bella Yang, doctoral fellow for the CHC

Jiahua (Bella) Yang, MA

Jiahua (Bella) Yang is a doctoral student in the Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations. Her research is focused on health communication, media psychology, and social psychology, with the methods of focus groups, survey, experiment, and big-data topic modeling. Her research topics include message design and public stigma of public health issues such as opioid use disorder (OUD), moral disengagement, social-discrepancy, and media escapism, and perceived realism and social identity in video games.

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