Our Staff

Jessica Hughes Wagner

Jessica Hughes Wagner, MPH

Deputy Director
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Patricia Semenov

Patricia Semenov

Center Administrator
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Headshot of Breanna Deal, Admin Assistant and Event Manager for the Center for Health Communication

Breanna Deal

Communications and Event Specialist
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Susan Kirtz

Susan Kirtz, MPH

Assistant Director - Programs
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Headshot of Melanie Susswein, Program Manager for the CHC

Melanie Susswein, MSW

Program Manager
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Headshot of Komal Gandhi, online education program manager for the CHC

Komal Gandhi, M.A.

Online Education Program Manager
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Hayley Fick

Hayley Fick, MBA

Sr. Program Coordinator
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Headshot of Lara O'Toole, Sr. Program Coordinator at the CHC. White woman with short, curly brown hair wearing a dark gray blazer and multicolored tank top in front of a gray background

Lara O'Toole, LMSW

Sr. Program Coordinator + Writer
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Headshot of Lauren Kriss, Sr. Program Coordinator at the CHC

Lauren Kriss, M.A.

Sr. Program Coordinator + Writer
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Headshot of Laura Anaya-Rodriguez, Program Coordinator at the CHC

Laura Anaya Rodriguez, MPH

Sr. Program Coordinator
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Headshot of Eileen Artigas, Program Coordinator for the Center for Health Communication. A woman with long dark brown hair, smiling, wearing a black shirt.

Eileen Artigas, M.S.

Program Coordinator
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Headshot of Chris Beeler, creative director at the CHC

Chris Beeler

Creative Director
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Dasha Rakasovic

Dasha Rakasovic

Headshot of Shayna Brewer, graphic designer at the CHC

Shayna Brewer, MFA

Creative Lead for Online Education
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Headshot of Natalie Tarrant, graphic designer at the CHC

Natalie Tarrant

Graphic Designer
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Headshot of Ellen Shin, Graphic Designer at the CHC

Ellen Shin

Graphic Designer
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Headshot of Lauren Pezzullo, copywriter at the CHC

Lauren Pezzullo

Headshot of Catherine Cunningham, Research Associate for the CHC

Catherine Cunningham, M.S.

Research Associate
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Headshot of Weijia Shi, Research Associate at the CHC

Weijia Shi, Ph.D.

Research Associate
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Headshot of Charulata Ghosh, Research Associate for the CHC

Charulata Ghosh, Ph.D.

Research Associate
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Headshot of Lindsay Bouchacourt, Ph.D., a white woman with brown hair pulled back in a white button down shirt smiling at the camera, and Research Associate at the Center for Health Communication.

Lindsay Bouchacourt, Ph.D.

Research Associate
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