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Moody College is widely respected for its connected and caring teachers who promote student well-being and maturity. The tenets of effective teaching remain the same whether online or face-to-face. Communication is key to establishing a culture of engagement, collaboration and community. Below you will find information to aid and support course design and implementation for all types of Moody courses. Each section is organized around a set of questions you might ask about course design and teaching. Additionally, you may want to check out our Kick It Up A Notch and our One Thing That Works initiatives for more ideas for you classes. 

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Note on Online and Hybrid Courses

If you are currently designing for student learning in a digital space, please begin by reviewing:



Classroom Safety and COVID-19
To help preserve our in person learning environment, the university recommends the following. Visit for more information.

  • Adhere to university mask guidance.
  • Vaccinations are widely available, free and not billed to health insurance. The vaccine will help protect against the transmission of the virus to others and reduce serious symptoms in those who are vaccinated.
  • Proactive Community Testing remains an important part of the university’s efforts to protect our community. Tests are fast and free.
Design your course

Design Your Course

How do I use instructional design practices to create or improve my course?

Teach your course

Teach Your Course

What should I consider as I deliver my course throughout the semester?

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Use Technology

What technologies can help me teach more effectively?

Online Teaching and Learning

Best Practices

What best practices should I consider as I design and implement my course?