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Moody College is widely respected for its connected and caring teachers who promote student well-being and maturity. The tenets of effective teaching remain the same whether online or face-to-face. Communication is key to establishing a culture of engagement, collaboration and community. Below you will find information to aid and support course design and implementation for all types of Moody courses. Each section is organized around a set of questions you might ask about course design and teaching. Additionally, you may want to check out our Kick It Up A Notch and our One Thing That Works initiatives for more ideas for you classes. 

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Note on Online and Hybrid Courses

If you are currently designing for student learning in a digital space, please begin by reviewing Moody College Minimum Requirements for Online Teaching and Five Principles for Teaching Online

Design your course

Design Your Course

How do I use instructional design practices to create or improve my course?

Teach your course

Teach Your Course

What should I consider as I deliver my course throughout the semester?

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Use Technology

What technologies can help me teach more effectively?

Online Teaching and Learning

Best Practices in Teaching & Learning

What best practices should I consider as I design and implement my course?