Graduation Checklist


Graduation Checklist

Graduation Checklist

A student must apply to graduate in the semester they intend to complete their degree requirements. Moody College awards degrees three times in the academic year: December, May and August. Commencement ceremonies happen once a year, in May. 

The Summer 2023 Graduation Application will be open June 7 - August 11. Link will be available closer to that time.

Currently Enrolled Students

  1. Review the Degree Audit to ensure all requirements are complete.  All degree requirements must be complete and posted to students' official record at the time the graduation application is processed. Students concurrently enrolled at another institution will be required to provide verification of enrollment as part of the application
  2. Contact assigned academic advisor if there are questions after running an audit and before applying to graduate.
  3. Complete the Graduation Application. Please allow at least two weeks for the application to be reviewed. 

In Absentia Students

If you are not enrolled in residence at UT Austin during the semester you anticipate graduating, you must complete and return the in absentia registration form, prior to accessing the online graduation application.

Follow the steps below to apply to graduate in absentia: 

  1. Make sure all degree requirements are completed or in progress.
  2. Clear any outstanding holds.
  3. Email your assigned academic advisor to request an in-absentia registration form and discuss next steps.
    1. If currently pursuing final course requirements outside of UT, attach enrollment documentation.
  4. Complete and submit in-absentia registration form to your academic advisor.
  5. Once advisor confirms in-absentia registration, complete the Graduation Application.

Graduating with Honors, High Honors or Highest Honors

Graduating with honors, high honors, or highest honors is based on your in-residence GPA upon completing degree requirements (see details below).  Graduating "with Honors" is different from the Honors Day designation, which is where the University designates outstanding students as College Scholars and Distinguished College Scholars.

Spring 2023 Graduation Honors were as follows:

Highest Honors:  3.9873 - 4.000
High Honors:  3.9515 - 3.9872
Honors:  3.8986 - 3.9514

To qualify to graduate with University Honors you must have completed at least 60 hours at The University of Texas at Austin and be in the top 20 percent of your Moody Communication graduating class.

Official honors will be calculated and posted to the transcript and diploma upon certification of all degree candidates.

The GPA required to graduate with University Honors is recomputed each May based on the top 20% of the May graduation class in the College following regulations listed in the Undergraduate Catalog. This same GPA applies to the following August and December graduation classes. The required minimum GPA may be higher than that listed in the catalog. For further information, please contact your academic advisor or consult the Graduation with University Honors section of the General Information Catalog.

Tuition Rebate

You may be eligible for a tuition rebate of up to $1,000 at graduation. There are many stipulations to this rule. For more information about the rules, requirements, and how to submit a tuition rebate application, please visit our Tuition Rebate webpage.