Graduation Application


Graduation Application

Summer 2024 Graduation Application

A graduation application is required to be submitted within the semester that all degree requirements are being completed in order to receive a diploma. Degree certification occurs three times in an academic year: December, May and August. Commencement ceremonies happen once a year, in May. 

Individuals pursuing a masters or doctorate degree in Moody College should only apply to graduate with the Graduate College.

The official graduation date for Summer 2024 is August 19, 2024. Please note that there are no public exercises. 

Instructions for Applying to Graduate

If you are currently enrolled in residence at UT Austin and will be completing your final degree requirements during this semester, follow the instructions below to apply for graduation.

  1. Review the Degree Audit to ensure all requirements are complete or in progress. 
    1.  Students concurrently enrolled at another institution will be required to provide verification of enrollment. Please see below under "additional graduation information" for requirements.
      1. Note: UT Extension (UEX) courses are not considered in residence courses. Students enrolled in self-paced UEX courses who are not also enrolled in UT Austin courses must register in absentia. 
  2. Complete the Graduation Application

Please allow at least two weeks for the application to be reviewed. 

If you are not enrolled in residence at UT Austin during the semester you anticipate graduating, you must complete and return the in absentia registration form. Once the form is completed, a graduation application is submitted on your behalf. 

UT Extension (UEX) courses are not considered in residence courses. Students enrolled in a University Extension (UEX) course who are not also enrolled in an in residence course at UT Austin must register in absentia. 

Follow the steps below to apply to graduate in absentia: 

  1. Make sure all degree requirements are complete or in progress. 
  2. Clear any outstanding holds.
  3. Submit an in absentia request. 

Please allow at least two weeks for the application to be reviewed. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding your degree audit or degree requirements, please connect with a Moody College academic advisor.

Important Dates and Deadlines

To be considered a Summer 2024 graduate, you must adhere to the following deadlines:

  1. Transcripts from External Institutions are due: August 22
  2. Credit-by-Exam must be claimed by: August 25
  3. Final Exams for UEX must be taken by: August 8

Learn more about diploma dates through Texas One Stop.

Additional Graduation Information

Already applied? Check your status.

  1. Degrees will be certified after the semester ends and can be verified here
  2. Diplomas will be mailed to the permanent address on file two to three months after degree certification; please confirm your address is correct here.
  3. Due to different semester ending dates between UT Austin and other Texas schools, degrees for students who are concurrently enrolled may be delayed by a month. Students unable to meet the transcript deadline because of the different ending dates are encouraged to submit the transcript as soon as it is available.

University Honors

To be eligible to graduate with University honors, an undergraduate must have completed at least sixty semester hours at the University of Texas at Austin. Graduation with University honors is based on the average of all grades earned in courses taken in residence at the University, whether the courses were passed, failed, or repeated. Courses taken pass/fail are counted in the sixty-hour minimum, but only letter grades (including Fs in pass/fail courses) are used to determine the grade point average.

The grade point averages established for May graduates are applied to the following August and December classes to determine honors, high honors, and highest honors.

Honors Rank: top 20%
High Honors Rank: top 10%
Highest Honors Rank: top 4%


Honors Rank: 3.9052
High Honors Rank: 3.9600
Highest Honors Rank: 3.9896

Please note honors and degrees announced at spring commencement ceremonies and presented in corresponding programs are projections based on the previous year's minimums and students' GPAs after the fall semester. Actual honors and credentials earned are determined during degree certification which occurs after commencement weekend. 

University Honors are separate from the Honors Day designation. Please review the Honors Day website for further information. 

You may be eligible for a tuition rebate of up to $1,000 if, at graduation, 1) you earned your degree within four years, 2) you are (and have been) a Texas resident, 3) you attempted no more than three semester hours beyond the minimum number of hours required for the degree, and 4) you paid tuition* out-of-pocket. There are many stipulations to this rule, so check with your advisor about the requirements and regulations that govern this rebate. For more information about the rules and requirements, visit the Tuition Rebate page.

If you believe you qualify for this tuition rebate, please download the tuition rebate application, complete it, sign it (signature may be typed if submitting by email), and drop it off at the Student Advising Office (DMC 2.600), or email it using your official utexas email address to the Student Advising Office ( by the deadline, which is the official graduation date for the semester in which you will graduate. Processing of your tuition rebate application cannot begin until your degree has been conferred by the University and may take up to 2.5 months to complete.

*If you received tuition waivers or exemptions and did not pay tuition out-of-pocket, this will make you ineligible for the tuition rebate. Your academic advisor will not know whether you paid tuition or received waivers/exemptions. If you have questions regarding your tuition rebate eligibility related to tuition waivers or exemptions, you should contact the Tuition Billing Department/Student Accounts Receivable Office at (512) 475-7771.

Tuition Rebate Deadlines

  1. Summer 2023 graduates - August 14, 2023 
  2. Fall 2023 graduates - December 16, 2023 
  3. Spring 2024 graduates - May 11, 2024

Processing of your tuition rebate application cannot begin until your degree has been conferred by the University and may take up to 2.5 months to complete.

Those enrolled at an external institution, taking a Credit-by-Exam, or in a self-paced UEX course are required to submit proof of intent to complete degree requirements. 

Take screenshots of a Canvas, Blackboard, an unofficial transcript, or grade report. 

The screenshot must include your name, course number (DEPT ####), the semester of the course, the name of the institution, and if applicable, a final grade. Additionally, an end date for the course or exam must be included in the email. Be sure to include your EID and ensure the screenshot can clearly be read.

The screenshot should be ATTACHED to the email in a readable format. Do not embedded the screenshot into the body of the email. 

Information that does not abide by the above outline will be denied. 

Send the screenshot to