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The Health Communication Training Series (HCTS) is a contemporary continuing education opportunity for current and aspiring healthcare and health communication professionals. The video series program consists of engaging, online, and self-paced courses on various topics that revolve around health communication. Easy-to-navigate courses in this series include high-quality video lectures, interactive activities, and opportunities to connect with colleagues in the field. Learners will earn a completion certificate and have the option to accrue continuing medical or nursing education credits upon successful completion of the course. Ready to learn with us? Browse through our courses now!



Recently Added Courses


Equity Science, Health Equity, and Big Data

In the past few years, there's been a lot of conversation about equity, and the field of health communication is no exception.

Join us in this course to explore the relationship between equity, science, and big data, understand why equity science is vital for health communication research and practice to advance health equity, and learn how you can apply inclusive and equitable research in your work.


Thinking Like A Health Communication Problem Solver

Learn about Center for Health Communication’s (CHC) mission and guiding principles and get an insight into the research, development, and evaluation process that the CHC applies to address health communication challenges.

This course will help you think through common health communication challenges and come up with unique solutions backed up by research and practice.


Available Courses

Disparities, Equity, and Health Communication

Disparities, Equity, and Health Communication

This course provides an overview of health disparities and equity. It focuses on how health communication can be a tool for understanding health disparities and promoting health equity. The course also highlights the role and influence of culture in health message design and promotion. Lessons learned from this course will be helpful to those working in public health (designing tailored campaigns) and facilitate healthcare delivery strategies (patient-provider communication).

Health Literacy and Clear Health Communication

Health Literacy and Clear Health Communication

Have you wondered if learning more about your patients'/clients' health literacy levels would benefit your communication with them as an individual or organization?

Come join us in this course in which we will discuss the basics of health literacy, explore assessment tools and identify the right tools and strategies to apply to meet your clients' unique health communication needs.

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Pain, Opioids, and Hard Conversations

Talking about pain and opioids can be complicated for many reasons. This course focuses on helping providers better understand the complexities of the conversation, examples of language they can adopt, and reflect an understanding of how these conversations can happen quickly given the realities of clinical care.

Emotions in Health Communication

Emotions in Health Communication

Welcome to the Emotions in Health Communication course. In this course, we will talk about emotion, with the focus of introducing frameworks on emotion relevant to health communication. We will go over research that highlights the role emotions play in how people process health information and discuss the practical implications of that research for developing message-based interventions.

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