At the root of human communication is the idea of community. And in the honors program, you’ll connect with an engaged, inclusive, and intellectually curious community to learn, grow and explore all that our world-class college of communication has to offer. 

In the classroom, you’ll not only study the nature of communication and community, you’ll meet other curious and engaged students like you.  You’ll also have opportunities to learn, network and serve outside the classroom via special lectures, social events, service projects, community partners and the Moody College Honors Student Council. 

Honors Student Council 2023-24

All honors students are members of the honors student council, and any current member can run for an officer position. The council is dedicated to building connection, inclusion and community among honors students, and to representing student concerns to program leadership.

The Moody College Honors Program affords me the opportunity to connect with some of the brightest students in my field. It has been a pleasure to interact with other students through the program's various special topic courses and community socials.

Justin Lee, Honors Student Council President


Justin Lee



Molly McIlhinney

Vice President


Sara Kate Richard

Service Director


Aliya Carr

DEI Director


Katie Parker

Communication Director


Luna Reichert

Social Director