The Moody College Honors Program is a four-year enrichment program designed for undergraduates majoring in the Moody College of Communication. The program has three main components:

  • COM 307H and COM 308H
  • Elective seminars on special topics
  • A capstone requirement, with options that include a creative or service project or a traditional academic thesis

Current students can visit the program Canvas page for updates on new classes and other guidelines and information.



The Moody Honors Program curriculum consists of 15 credit hours designed to supplement major degree plans, with honors course work counting toward degree requirements or electives.

The courses in the program have been developed to provide a strong foundation in the intellectual traditions of the sciences and humanities, provide the opportunity to explore critical topics in communication fields, and to offer opportunities for independent research and writing. For all classes, emphasis is given to critical thinking, writing and discussion, and courses are taught by top instructors in the college.

The curriculum includes two interdisciplinary courses in critical thinking and dialogue, two special topics seminars, and a senior year experience.

Faculty Members

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