About the Nelson Center

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The Center offers a new undergraduate and graduate certification in Brand and Demand Analytics to all advertising and public relation students, as well as Moody students and students across the UT campus. Further, the Center will work alongside industry partners to develop student skills as well as job placement. Finally, the Center will function as a centralized home for student and faculty research.

With longer B2B and D2C buying process and the burgeoning number of channels, current measurement and data approaches are often inaccurate, and systematically under or over-value certain marketing stimuli due to the omission of intermediate or influencing effects. Thus, in an effort to fill critical knowledge gaps among undergraduate and graduate advertising and public relation students, the Nelson Center for Brand and Demand Analytics advances B2B and D2C theory and practice, built on the following five-part below.

Setting the Standards

Preparing students with expertise in data and analytics for both B2B and D2C advertising is one of the most important strategic pillars for the future of advertising and public relation students at Moody, and thus, the Center focuses its efforts on developing supporting the existing curriculum and provide educational, and experiential opportunities for Undergraduates, Masters and PhDs to learn and apply B2B and D2C analytics to analyze audiences, create personalized (algorithmic, pattern- driven) platform specific messages, and evaluate the impact on business outcomes. The Nelson Center will bring students, skill development and industry into the same space. Carefully crafted from ongoing input from professionals across the country as well as the Centers Advisory Board, the certificate program will shine as a new standard and afford industry the base and advanced training earned by affiliated students.

Industry Partnership

The Center creates innovative ways to bring students and industry together where student skills can be experientially developed. Here, analytics grounded research and class projects through the Center will advance student learning with practical, real-world applications. As part of the industry partner experience, the Center functions as a conduit for undergraduate and graduate students on the job market through an industry connection program, working with the internship coordinators of the Moody College Career Center to place analytically trained and “certificate branded” students.