Holding On in the Holiday Season​

By Carrie Barron

Holidays. They can be delightful and distracting and they can be hard. If change, loss, distance, conflict, loneliness and high expectations cause heartache, here are some tips for joy, hope and holding on. 

  1. Take walks and get some sun
  2. Listen to the song Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep
  3. Talk with a beloved friend, a few times
  4. Deviate from your routine and know you will get back on track
  5. Maintain your boundaries
  6. Don’t regress even if there is a pull to do so
  7. Check out to reflect and gather
  8. Check in and don’t be alone  
  9. Do a project
  10. Take steps towards your personal goal
  11. Do not compare yourself to others. You know why
  12. Keep a cool head and a warm heart
  13. Do nothing for a while 
  14. Watch your happy movies, even if you have already seen them 10 times
  15. Wear your favorite clothes
  16. Buy small, with love, within your means. Interesting is better than expensive
  17. Give. Give. Give. Attentiveness is a great gift
  18. If you miss someone, it is OK. Impermanence is part of life
  19. Be you now. You’ve done good.