Health Communication and Leadership

Health Communication and Leadership

By Mike Mackert 

I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership lately, as I’m enrolled in a leadership development program this semester. The program is designed to help faculty from across the university learn new skills related to management and leadership. From streamlining agendas to more mutually satisfying negotiations, I am knee-deep in thought-provoking lessons on leadership.

This is particularly timely for me, as our Center for Health Communication team is hard at work on the program for our Health Communication Leadership Institute (HCLI). HCLI is a professional development event that has brought in people from around the country doing health communication in a range of contexts – everything from insurance companies to government agencies to communication firms.

Something unique about HCLI is the mix of leadership training and health communication best practices. It took us a few iterations over our inaugural 3 years to strike the right balance, but I’m excited we found it – you can’t be a leader in health communication without the ability to actually practice health communication at a high level and also successfully build and lead teams and organizations.

The skills that participants learn at HCLI –and the professional connections it creates – can help shape the field going forward. It’s exciting and a great responsibility.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with participants who will be returning to Austin for HCLI, and all the new colleagues we’ll meet for the first time. HCLI is the best health communication week of the year.