Father's Playbook Milestone: The App Launch

Father's Playbook Milestone: The App Launch

By Mike Mackert

One of my favorite lines of research revolves around how to better engage men in prenatal health promotion. My first article about this was published back in 2013 (Improving Prenatal Health: Setting the Agenda for Increased Male Involvement), and we followed that up with a series of research studies (most recently Engaging Men in Prenatal Health via eHealth: Findings From a National Survey.

The exciting news now is that our Father’s Playbook app has launched as a pilot. The app is currently available only for Android and only in English; we want to get it right in one language on one platform first. You can get it on the Play Store here: Father’s Playbook. The code to access this test version is PIP2018.

We still have more work ahead. We’re deep into the development of the Spanish version (which won’t be only a translation of the English version), but it’s an exciting milestone in the life of this project. I’m looking forward to seeing what pilot testers think of this early version of the app, and how future updates will add new features and make this an increasingly effective approach for engaging dads in prenatal health.

For more information or to potentially be a participant in this research project, please e-mail Marie Guadagno.