CHC Welcomes Sr. Program Coordinator: Lara O'Toole

Meet Lara, our Sr. Program Coordinator

After years of admiring CHC’s style and contributions, Lara is excited to join the team as a Senior Program Coordinator and Content Manager for maternal and child mental health projects.

She brings 20+ years of experience at all levels of this work—from roles on the front lines with children and adults in crisis to targeted outreach, coordination, and education for coalitions and statewide networks to leadership roles in programs and systems change efforts. This includes several years with the Texas Network of Youth Services and SUMA Social Marketing. She is a social worker at heart and a Jill-of-all-trades. Before coming to CHC, she built her own business to focus on writing, resource development, and facilitating special projects for organizations and institutes advancing health, safety, equity, and social work.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Lara attended Vassar College in New York and later earned her MSSW at The University of Texas at Austin. She loves being outside, hiking and beaches, yoga, good food and travel adventures with her wife, and being silly with her kids.

Headshot of Lara O'Toole, Sr. Program Coordinator at the CHC. White woman with short, curly brown hair wearing a dark gray blazer and multicolored tank top in front of a gray background