CHC Welcomes Postdoctoral Fellow - Billy Table

Center for Health Communication

CHC Welcomes Postdoctoral Fellow: Billy Table

The CHC is pleased to welcome Dr. Billy Table to our team as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Billy is dually appointed to the CHC and at the Dell Medical School in the Department of Population Health. For the past year, Billy has worked with Dr. Virginia Brown at the Dell Medical School, investigating how interventions involving provider-patient communication tools facilitate shared decision-making in mental healthcare contexts. Billy will continue this work while also joining Dr. David Ring as a Co-Director of the CHC Think Tank, as well as bringing their expertise to the CHC’s Texas PMP projects.

Billy earned their PhD in Communication Studies with a focus on interpersonal health communication from the University of Texas at Austin in the spring of 2020. As a researcher and educator, Billy has been dedicated to exploring difficult conversations. During their doctoral studies, Billy lead a communication skills lab in the UT Austin College of Pharmacy in which students engage in simulations of patient and colleague interactions and received communication coaching. In turn, Billy’s research interests include evaluating communication skills education; the design and testing of messages; stigmatized health topics in family and patient-provider interactions, and health program implementation and evaluation.