Internal Transfer - FAQ

Prospective Advertising Students

Student Advising Office | M-F 8AM - 5PM 512.471.1553


When and where do I apply?

An application period will be offered during both the fall and spring semesters. During the application periods, the link to the application and necessary deadlines will be posted on the application website.

What GPA do I need to earn in order to be accepted into the Moody College?

The minimums required for consideration are listed in the "Eligibility" page; however, meeting the minimum GPAs only makes you eligible for consideration it does not guarantee admission.

I have applied. When are decisions made and what do I do next?

If your application is denied, it is considered as one use of your two allowed attempts to apply. All decisions are final and may not be appealed. 

If your application is approved, you should carefully read the instructions in your acceptance email and follow all listed steps by the deadline. You will not be able to register for any prospective major courses that are open/reserved during the first registration time. You will be able to register for these courses during the first adds/drops period (check your RIS) as long as the course is still open.

For applications submitted in Fall, decisions are made available in early January and the major change/addition will take effect once you have registered for Spring coursework.

The timeline for applications submitted in the spring is pending.

Can I use this application to add a third major?

No. The University's student records system only allows for a student to officially pursue two majors at a time. If you want to earn additional degrees (beyond two) you they must first complete or drop one of your current majors.

How many students are accepted into the Moody College?

It varies each semester and by major.

Can I apply to Advertising or Public Relations before I complete ADV318J?

Yes, if you are currently enrolled in the course in-residence, you are eligible to apply to add or transfer into the ADV or PR majors. You have two attempts to earn the B or better in the course. If you do not earn a B or better in-residence with the two allowed attempts, you must select another major to pursue. Any passing grade, including CR, is acceptable for students who took ADV 318J in Spring 2020; a COVID CR earned in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 is acceptable for applicants for Fall 2021 and later.


Can I submit additional material to supplement my application?
Supplemental materials cannot be submitted.


What classes can I take to prepare myself for transferring into the Moody College?

For students under the 2018-2020, or earlier, catalog


I am in my first year at UT Austin, can I apply to transfer to the Moody College?

Students may apply during their first semester for admission starting in their second long semester, however first semester applicants may not be as competitive as other candidates who have already completed their first semester. If a student applies in their first semester and is denied, they will only be allowed one additional attempt for internal transfer.

I came into UT as a transfer student. Do the hours and semesters that I earned at my previous institution count toward the 4 semester/60 hour policies?

No. These rules only take into account hours and semesters completed in-residence at UT Austin. Anything that you earned at another institution, through UT Extension, placement tests, etc. will not be counted.

How will I know if I've used one of my two attempts to transfer into the Moody College?

At the time the Internal Transfer application closes, any student with a complete application has officially used one of his/her attempts. If you decide later to withdraw your application after the application period has closed, you may request to do so, but the attempt will still be counted toward the limit of two.

If I use my two attempts to apply to RTF and am not admitted either time, can I apply to Communication Studies (or another Communication major) later?

No. Any major that you apply to in the Moody College of Communication will count against your two attempts.

What if I am beyond 4 semesters or 60 hours, but I still want to transfer into the Moody College?

Exceptions to the University's policies on internal transfer are only made in very rare circumstances when a student exhibits compelling reasons for exception and when he/she can provide evidence that they are on track for a timely graduation. we may contact ineligible applicants after the application closes to seek more information, if needed.

I have already earned an undergraduate degree from the Moody College of Communication. Can I apply?

No, students who have already earned a degree from the Moody College cannot apply through the internal transfer application. The student deans will review these requests on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Student Advising Office for more information.

Who can I talk to if I still have questions?

Your first step is to attend an Internal Transfer Information Session. If you have questions after attending the session, you may contact our front desk for further instructions.


I have been accepted and I need to take COM 301E for my new Moody major. When can I take it?

For students admitted in the fall semesters, COM 301 must be taken in the spring semester, as it is required for first semester freshman and external transfer students.