Internal Transfer Information

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Thank you for your interest in the Moody College of Communication.

This website is for students who are currently enrolled at UT Austin and would like to:

1) transfer from another UT Austin college or school to the Moody College of Communication or add a second major in the Moody College; or

 2) for current Moody College students who wish to change their major within the Moody College or add a second major in the Moody College.

If you are not yet a UT student, you should visit the Office of Admissions to find out how to be admitted to the University.

An overview of the procedure is provided below. You should also use the Helpful Links above to get step-by-step details on the Internal Transfer process.

Review Your Eligibility

Per University policy, students have a window of eligibility in which to apply to internally transfer. We advise you to make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements before beginning this process by reading about the University Policy in the Eligibility tab above.

Complete An Information Session

For more information on the Moody College’s majors and coursework you may complete our information session module. Further information can be found at the Information Sessions link above.

Submit Your Application

The online application must be submitted by the posted deadline. After you’ve submitted your internal transfer application, be sure to review the What’s Next? section linked above.

Have Questions?

Be sure to review the information on this website thoroughly, including the FAQ link above. You are also encouraged to review the Moody College’s Policies and Procedures webpages and the Current Students website to familiarize yourself with the expectations of Moody College students. If you have additional questions, you may meet with our Internal Transfer Advisor after completing the information session module.

Contact Us

Damon O'Brien, Internal Transfer Advisor – Drop-in advising for prospective internal transfer students for Fall 2021 will begin September 7th and will be available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM. It will be UNAVAILABLE October 25 - November 5, due to current students' registration advising. Check in through our front desk.

Please contact the University’s Internal Transfer Application processing team at for additional assistance.

Suggested Courses for Non-Communication Majors


Current Moody Students:
If you are already a Moody College student
and wish to change your major or add a second Moody major, please see this page.


Get to Know Our Majors

We invite you to learn more about the major you are considering using the individual department websites and reviewing degree checklists:

degree requirements
department website

Communication and Leadership
degree requirements  
department website

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences*
degree requirements  
department website

Communication Studies
degree requirements  
department website

degree requirements  
department website

Public Relations
degree requirements  
department website

degree requirements  
department website

*The major is titled Communication Sciences and Disorders for students under catalogs prior to 2020-2022.