Annual Scholarship Program

Image of two female students working on a school project
Moody College Annual Scholarship Program

The future is within their grasp, helping them is within yours.

The Moody Annual Scholarship Program exists to provide investments in our students’ successful futures and inspire connections between you – our alumni and donors – and those students who benefit from your four-year gift to the Moody College of Communication.

“Create a connection, invest in a lifetime” is more than a byline: it's a commitment. Providing sustained financial support for a Moody College student during their tenure helps to remove barriers to education and offers a promise of stability as they work toward their graduation. Your Annual Scholarship pledge will help support an incoming freshman, and present you the opportunity to be an informal mentor throughout their time at the university.

Being a low-income student, college is always known as being off limits due to money. Having a scholarship means I am able to attend school and make a difference for my family without placing a financial burden on my mom. This scholarship has led me to greater opportunity outside my community.

- Miguel Anderson, Journalism Honors Student from Richmond, California

How the Moody Annual Scholarship Program works:

  • Commit to a pledge to give annual gifts of an amount between $1,000 to $6,250 for four years. 
  • Choose one criteria in your Moody Annual Scholarship program official pledge agreement: Whether you'd like your Annual Scholarship to go to any student enrolled at Moody College, a student enrolled in any of our majors or departments, a first generation student, or a student with financial need. The possibilities to match are vast! 

  • Make your first and future gifts prior to February of the upcoming academic year. Scholarship funds made before February 2023 will be able to be paired with incoming Fall 2023 freshmen and awarded on the University's set disbursement schedule. 

  • We’ll provide the opportunity to get to know your student awardee once a year, giving you both the ability to connect and learn from each other.