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Graduate Students

The Moody College of Communication offers masters and doctoral programs in all five of our academic departments.

As a graduate student, you will study in greater detail than you did as an undergraduate and advance your knowledge and skill whether your career goals are focused on a scholarly, professional, clinical or creative paths.

Working closely with top-ranked faculty and practitioners in our highly-ranked programs, graduate students achieve unparalleled access to research opportunities and resources, creative outlets and innovative problem solvers all within one of the best cities in the country – Austin, Texas.

Explore our graduate programs and contact the department in which you wish to study. The Graduate Coordinators and Advisors can assist you with questions about our programs and the application process.

Dual Masters Programs

The Dual Masters Program is structured so that students can earn two master's degrees simultaneously in approximately three academic years. The Moody College of Communication (COM) offers dual M.A. programs which may include a specialization in Advertising, Communication Studies, Journalism, and Radio-Television-Film. 

A student interested in any joint degree program should apply through the Graduate and International Admissions Center. 

Moody offers the following Dual Masters Programs:


  • Advertising / Business Administration (ADV/MBA)
  • Advertising / Public Affairs (ADV/LBJ)

Communication Studies

  • Communication Studies / Business Administration (CMS/MBA)
  • Communication Studies / Latin American Studies (CMS/LAS)
  • Communication Studies / Public Affairs (CMS/LBJ)


  • Journalism / Business Administration (JOU/MBA)
  • Journalism / Global Policy Studies (JOU/GPS)
  • Journalism / Latin American Studies (JOU/LAS)
  • Journalism / Middle Eastern Studies (JOU/MES)
  • Journalism / Public Affairs (JOU/LBJ)


  • Radio-Television-Film / Business Administration (RTF/MBA)
  • Radio-Television-Film / Latin American Studies (RTF/LAS)
  • Radio-Television-Film / Middle Eastern Studies (RTF/MES)
  • Radio-Television-Film / Public Affairs (RTF/LBJ)
  • Radio-Television-Film / Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies (RTF/REENIC)

Jesse H. Jones Fellowships

The Moody College of Communication annually awards the Jesse H. Jones Endowed Centennial Fellowships to graduate students who possess exceptional ability in advertising, public relations, communication sciences and disorders, journalism, radio-television-film, or communication studies. The fellowships are awarded each Spring for the following academic year. The fellowships are open to masters or doctoral students enrolled in a graduate program within the Moody College. Applicants must be seeking funding for the second or subsequent year of their programs. Preference is given to candidates with a strong, interdisciplinary track record.


Fellowship awards are based on demonstrated competence in the field of study, as reflected in the student's research and/or creative activities. Academic achievement, including the student's GPA, is also considered.

A recipient of the fellowship must be enrolled full-time in a graduate program within the Moody College of Communication, and in residence at The University of Texas at Austin during the period of the award. A student may only be awarded a Jesse H. Jones Fellowship once during their graduate career.

Award Period, Benefits, and Expectations

Each Spring, the Dean's Office announces the recipients of the fellowship for the following academic year. The fellowship stipend is $6,500 total. The stipend is granted in two parts: one half in the Fall semester and one half in the Spring semester. The College also covers tuition and required fees for the Fall and Spring semesters. An in-state tuition waiver, when needed, also comes with this fellowship.

Fellowship recipients must come to the Dean's Office, BMC 5.312, to sign an acceptance form, verify name and eid, and arrange for distribution of funds.

Each Jesse H. Jones Fellow must give a brief presentation of his/her research in the Fall semester. These presentations are open to Moody College graduate students and give a vision of the fellow's work. Presentations are given during a lunch hosted by the Dean's Office.

Application Instructions

  1. Students can apply for a Jesse Jones Fellowship by completing the Moody College of Communication's Scholarship Application. Complete application details are available.
  2. Application deadlines: The application for the scholarships will be open late January to early March. All materials (the online application, three references, and a CV) must be received by the deadline. The applicants will be notified of the results by April 30.
  3. Please note that students who complete this online scholarship application will also be considered for College scholarships.
  4. Application link:

Jesse H. Jones Fellowship Recipients

Jones Fellows, 2016- 2017

  • Advertising and Public Relations- Nancy Brinson
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders - Jingjing Guan
  • Communication Studies - Elizabeth Glowacki
  • Journalism - Victor Garcia

Jones Fellows, 2015- 2016

  • Advertising and Public Relations- Amanda Mabry
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders - Pak Wing Lam
  • Communication Studies - Jessica Lynn Ford
  • Journalism - Magdalena Saldana Villa
  • Radio-TV-Film - Colleen Montgomery

Jones Fellows, 2014- 2015

  • Advertising - Sara E. Champlin
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders - Yu-Fu Chen
  • Communication Studies - Jenna N. Hanchey
  • Journalism - Shannon McGregor
  • Radio-TV-Film - Juan P. Gonzalez

Jones Fellows, 2013 - 2014

  • Advertising - Kyung (Kacy) Kim
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders - Casey Taliancich
  • Communication Studies - Stephanie Dailey
  • Journalism - Lei Guo
  • Radio-TV-Film - Stuart Davis

Jones Fellows, 2012 - 2013

  • Advertising - Eunice Kim
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders - Geoffrey Coalson
  • Communication Studies - Tiara Naputi
  • Journalism - Summer Harlow
  • Radio-TV-Film - Timothy Edwards

Jones Fellows, 2011 - 2012

  • Advertising - Mi-Hyun Kang
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders - Michelle Hsieh
  • Communication Studies - Kristin Stimpson
  • Journalism - Yonghwan Kim
  • Radio-TV-Film - Jacqueline Vickery

Jones Fellows, 2010 - 2011

  • Advertising - Heather M. Schulz
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders - Kai J. Greene
  • Communication Studies - Clariza Ruiz De Castilla
  • Journalism - Jaime Loke
  • Radio-TV-Film - John S. Moore

Jones Fellows, 2009 - 2010

  • Advertising - Kevin Thomas
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders - Karin Boerger
  • Communication Studies - Erik Green
  • Journalism - Sebastian Valenzuela
  • Radio-TV-Film - Kristen Warner

Jones Fellows, 2008 - 2009

  • Advertising - Yeo Jung Kim
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders - Jie Yang
  • Communication Studies - Brittany Peterson
  • Journalism - Sebastian Valenzuela
  • Radio-TV-Film - Michael Wilson

Jones Fellows, 2007 - 2008

  • Advertising - Laura Bright
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders - Connie Summers
  • Communication Studies - James Roberts
  • Journalism - Amy Zerba
  • Radio-TV-Film - Marianela Vega-Oroza

Jones Fellows, 2006 - 2007

  • Advertising - Gracieli Scremin
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders - Namhee Kim
  • Communication Studies - Jennifer Asenas
  • Journalism - Sharon Meraz
  • Radio-TV-Film - Jean Lauer