Graduate Portfolio Programs

The Moody College of Communication offers graduate portfolio programs for students interested in deepening their knowledge in specific areas.

Graduate Portfolio in Communication, Information, and Cultural Policy

The Graduate Portfolios in Communication, Information, and Cultural Policy offers students at the University of Texas a means to enter this vital field of study by focusing on the theory, history, and comparative aspects of policy. The program supports students’ preparation for careers in academic research or practical careers in policy-making arenas. Study in Communication, Information, and Cultural Policy is well-suited to a portfolio certificate program because it is a multi-disciplinary subject that can find students drawing on public policy, economics, communications, art, community planning, and information science. This program invites students to integrate these disciplines into their particular course of study and provides an institutional home for scholars with these shared interests.

Interested students should speak to the participating faculty in their department or contact Sharon Strover at the Technology & Information Policy Institute, School of Journalism and Media (512-471-6652).

Graduate Portfolio Certificate in Dispute Resolution

This interdisciplinary graduate portfolio program is open to students already enrolled in a graduate program at The University of Texas. These cross-disciplinary certificates are overseen by a Steering Committee of faculty from multiple colleges and administered as Portfolio Programs.  You can start a portfolio at any time during your graduate program and make progress at your own pace, although you must complete the Portfolio before you complete your degree. Requirements include: four graduate courses related to dispute resolution from more than two departments for a total of twelve credit hours, one graduate course that covers general conflict or dispute resolution theory, advanced skill-building, a presentation of original scholarship to a public conference and practical experience in the field.

Interested students can find more information on the portfolio web page.

Graduate Portfolio in Health Communication

The Center for Health Communication offers a portfolio option to UT graduate students. The portfolio is comprised of four graduate-level courses and allows students to develop an in-depth knowledge of the field of health communication including communication theory, research methods, and applications. These courses are taught by faculty in six departments across four schools, including the Moody College of Communication, and the Colleges of Education, Natural Sciences, and Nursing. Students who enroll in the CHC portfolio will be encouraged to participate in the CHC’s scholarly community by way of attendance at various conferences, seminars, guest lectures, and community outreach events.

Interested students can find more information here and should email CHC Director Dr. Mike Mackert